Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WIP - Misbehaving Models - Not started

Inspired by our own D.W. Skinner...and G.A. Hauser
Gavin Townsend was excited to be taking six weeks off to join the infamously popular reality show Misbehaving Models. That he'd been chosen was a surprise. But what thrilled him most was working with Erik Wutig, one of the top photograhers in the world. He didn't know what to expect, but he did know he was going to enjoy the next six weeks if it killed him.
Hans Breckenridge was tired. Tired of the modeling. Tired of the constant starvation. Tired of being used….and abused. Tired of being alone, and lonely. This was it for him. The final great brouhaha, being on Misbehaving Models. His agent didn’t know that, but Hans hardly cared anymore.
Erik wasn’t sure about taking on the reality show, Misbehaving Models, but his business partner thought it would be a boost in exposure. Erik had scoffed at that, since they were busier than ever, well he was anyway. He’d had pretty much put his personal life on hold to do this. He only hoped his partner appreciated it. Especially since it wasn’t his partner who was going to videotaped twenty four seven while trying to complete the biggest project Erik had yet attempted.
Chandler Stemming knew he’d nearly coerced Erik’s business partner into agreeing that Wutig Studios would provide the photographer for the next season of Misbehaving Models. But Chandler wanted Erik….in more ways than one. And he always got what he wanted. He just didn’t know if he would be able to break down the barriers built so carefully over the last fifteen years to hide who he was.
Six stunning male models, one controlling perfectionist photographer and a producer with an ulterior motive all broadcasted to the living rooms of the world. The chaos is real, the angst touching, the talent unbelievable. The emotions will run ramped, but in the end, will Erik finish his project? Will Gavin and the other five models withstand Erik’s exacting tyranny? Will Hans’ fragile psyche be a victim to the drama and will Chandler open up enough to get his man?