Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIP - The Dealer of Love

Jones Amore has been around for centuries, doling out love to the hapless humans that can’t seem to find their soul mates on their own. But every time he completes a match, he grows weaker. Now in the 21st century, he’s beyond exhausted, and wonders if he will ever be granted a love of his own. He knows, if he finds a man to love him, the power that’s waning within him will be recharged.
But the fates are not kind to a minor deity as himself. To them, he has a job, and his own emotions are not important. But Jones, known to the humans as Cupid, won’t be able to continue to spread love when it’s being stripped from him by his own loneliness.
Then, much to his surprise, he’s granted the gift of finding his own soul mate, with one stipulation—no using his powers. But as hard as it is to match up humans, he’s finding it even harder, if not impossible to find the love of his life. And, knowing he’s immortal just makes it that much more of a challenge.
Then he meets Calloway, a man who is only half human, yet doesn’t seem to know that. Calloway’s angel half manifests itself in the kind deeds that Calloway does without thought. Jones wants him, but Calloway already has a lover. How can Jones claim the man, and hope that Calloway falls in love with him, if he can’t use his powers?
And he’s running out of time, growing weaker as the weeks go by. If he can’t convince Calloway that he’s the man for him, he will eventually cease to exist, and love will be lost to humanity.

WIP - Club of Love (Book 4 of Service Men series)

MacKenzie Forbes knew he was out of control. Clubbing every night, spending money left and right, ignoring his family and popping up on the celebrity rags every other day. He was bored, and lonely. And partying at least gave him a sense of belonging, even if all those around him were there for what he could buy for them.
His favorite club, Tone 12, was the hot spot for the rich and famous, white collar bad boys and the many celebutante women. MacKenzie fit right in, never going home alone and dragging both women and men to his bed to sleep with.
It was one night, after partying just a little too much, that he got up close and personal with Levin James, one of the bouncers. But instead of kicking him out, Levin took him to his apartment to sleep off the alcohol and drugs. MacKenzie should have been grateful, but his obnoxious attitude shown through the next morning when he demanded Levin take him back to his Ferrari so he could go home and unable to remember if they’d slept together.
It didn’t stop him from going to Tone 12, and slowly, he got to know the big man that for some unknown reason, liked to watch over him like a body guard. That was when he realized, Levin was not single, at least not from the way he and Nash, the head bartender flirted with each other. Tone 12 was not a gay club, but no one seemed to mind when two men or two women danced together, or made out in the booths.
But what bothered MacKenzie the most was the jealousy that filled him when he saw the two gorgeous men together. What he wouldn’t give to have a man look at him like that, to love him for himself and not the money he had.
His sadness and loneliness, not to mention the jealousy and envy made him reckless, spiraling into heavier drinking, and drug use. Until one night, he was confronted by Levin and told he would either have to stop getting wasted or be banned from the club.

It was Nash who found him behind the club, sitting in his own vomit and took him home…to Levin’s apartment. That’s when things changed for MacKenzie, and he learned that it wasn’t one man he wanted, but two. And neither one of them gave a damn that he was loaded. 

WIP - Mansion of Love (Book 3 of Service Men series)

Blaine was exceedingly grateful for getting out of the position he held for ten years. As butler to the MacIntaughs, his life had been a living hell. They were a Jerry Springer family if there ever was one, despite being extremely wealthy.
Now, he was two months into working for the Whinthorps. They were a great family, not droning on about the money they had, and they were well beyond the financial tax bracket of the MacIntaughs.
But it was when their youngest son, Ellary, came home from college that things got complicated. Blaine had never advertised that he was gay, mostly because it might interfere with his job. But he couldn’t ignore the attraction he felt for Ellary.
He wondered if maybe he might have to resign his position as the family butler, especially when he found out the attraction was mutual. Ellary was the darling of the family, and Blaine was pretty sure they wouldn’t appreciate Ellary going to bed with the butler. Blaine knew his place. He also knew it would look really bad since he was so much older than Ellary.
Ellary couldn’t have been happier that Chauncy had retired and his mom had hired a new butler. Chauncy was quite homophobic, though he kept it hidden from Ellary’s parents. Now Ellary wouldn’t have to sequester himself in his room to stay away from the old butler.
But when he met Blaine, his relief that Chauncy was gone morphed into something entirely different. Blaine was stunningly gorgeous, and extremely good at his job. He was also fifteen years older than Ellary’s twenty-three.
Age aside, Ellary could see that Blaine was struggling with an attraction of his own. And what would his aristocratic mother and CEO father think of Ellary dating their butler?

Ellary also had a kink that none of his family knew about, and he wasn’t sure what Blaine would think if he ever found out.

WIP - Resort of Love (Book 2 of Service Men series)

Griff Wilkenson felt he was losing his touch. A ski instructor, his patience for teaching the rich and famous how to ski was getting shorter and shorter.
That is until he met Flynn Montgomery. The man was as klutzy as any Griff had seen, yet he held an innocence and exuberance that was refreshing. He truly wanted to learn how to ski, and ski well. Griff was smitten enough to have all the patience in the world for the gorgeous man.
But, despite Flynn’s sweet personality, and desire to learn from Griff, his family was another story. Older brother Godfrey, and his two sisters, not to mention his snobby mother and powerful father kept getting in the way of Griff’s pursuit of the guy. And the way they treated Flynn made Griff angry.
It didn’t help that the Montgomerys owned Winter Haven Resort, where Griff worked. Any wrong move on his part could mean his job. And if they realized that Griff was not only gay, but interested in Flynn, he would not only be fired, but probably run out of Winter Haven Village altogether.
He wondered if Flynn was worth the risk. As attracted as he was, could he endanger his livelihood for the chance at love?
Flynn couldn’t believe the attention the ski instructor was giving him. He’d been sure he’d be lumped in with the little kids on the bunny slope, since he couldn’t seem to master even the most basic skiing skills.
He wasn’t complaining. Griff Wilkensen was gorgeous and confident. Things Flynn wished he were. He really liked the other man, but was wary in showing any interest since his entire family was here for their annual vacation.
Not wanting to get Griff in any kind of trouble he tried to keep their encounters professional and friendly. But it was hard, when the ski instructor made Flynn’s already klutzy self even worse. And, despite wanting to crawl into bed with the guy, he really wanted to learn to ski.
He only hoped…when the lessons were over, he could still see the ski instructor—without his family around.