Monday, July 30, 2012

WIP - Love on Ice - 2117 word count

Ming Tso knew this would be his last chance to honor his family. His hidden disgrace egged him on to try for the gold, even if his body protested the brutal schedule. But his concentration had been badly shaken in the beautiful form an American curling member. The man was stunning and Ming’s shame intensified. But he couldn’t avoid the ice if he was to practice. So there was no avoiding the young American either. Ming couldn’t avoid the growing attraction either, nor the instinct to protect the younger man.
Deon Chandler was getting tired of the taunts and slurs from his fellow curling members. Yes, he was the youngest of the members, the youngest in Olympic history, at only twenty, but he was good at what he did. He wasn’t so good at keeping his temper though. Not when his preference for men made him a target for more than his fair share of bruises from not only other teams, but his own as well. Deon just wanted to win the gold and move on. What he was going to do after the Olympics were over was still up in the air. A future that faded to the back of his mind when he noticed a gorgeous man staring at him. He wore the China insignia. Deon’s last two boyfriends had been Asian. He loved the exotic looks. And this man was perfection. Deon didn’t know what to think, though. Surely the man wasn’t interested in him? But if he was, Deon would make sure he didn’t regret it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WIP - The Broken Sub - 536 word count

Alexander Dupree was considered an extreme Dominant. He defined the word control. He was not above giving a sub whatever they wanted. He played mostly with pain sluts. Alex’s childhood dictated his actions as an adult. The Club gave him an outlet for the anger he carried. A safe outlet. Yes, he hurt subs, but the moment their safe word was uttered, Alex shut down. He only wished he’d had a safe word when he was a child. Then Alex met Ruby. An unattainable broken submissive. The polar opposite of what Alex should be looking for. So why couldn’t he get the damaged man off his mind?
Ruben “Ruby” March knew he was forever broken. And lucky to be alive. Most nights, he wished he wasn’t. Most nights he cowered in his bedroom, curled up in a ball, stuffed in a corner hoping the nightmares would stay away. His therapist would be appalled. But Ruby was lost. It took almost a year for him to enter Shackles and see his friends without becoming physically sick. He was so tired of being afraid. And, despite what had happened to him, he knew it was a Dom that would make him feel safe again….he hoped. But finding a Dom that would desire him was going to be a challenge he wasn’t sure he was up for.

WIP - The Beginning of Adam - 2263 word count

Adam was special. Adam was unique. Adam was the first human being born….evolved.
It is human nature to destroy that which is unknown. Fear is a very powerful motivator.
Layne Trents took his job seriously. A dangerous job, even if he didn’t know the specifics. To protect with his life, Project A101E. What A101E was, Layne didn’t know, nor did he care. He wasn’t being paid to care.
Then an organization calling themselves the Environs decided to make it their life’s mission to eradicate Project A101E and Layne’s job just got that much more dangerous. But when he found out what…or rather…who Project A101E was, his job became paramount and his life became more complicated than he ever imagined.

Friday, July 6, 2012

WIP - Ship of Love (Book 1 of Service Men series) - 4589 Word count

Kellen Jacobson loved his job. There was nothing like being on a huge cruise ship, visiting exotic locations all the days of the year. He’s not lonely. Not when he could have anyone he wanted, both staff and passengers. But lately he’d been feeling restless. He wanted more. A connection that seemed elusive given the environment he lived and worked in.
Benjamin “Benji” Salvatore couldn’t believe he’d let his parents talk him into taking this cruise with them. He had things to do. Ok, he was between jobs at the moment, but still. He had a life, well, needed a life. That his parents were trying to manage what little he did have didn’t sit well with Benji. Especially when they thought they would hook him up with some nice young lady to settle down with. Not going to happen.
Kellen had switched ships in the Royalty Cruise Line to help alleviate his restlessness. Maybe a change of scenery would settle his confusion. What he hadn’t expected, was to bump into, literally, one of the handsomest men he’d ever seen. And that was saying something with the rich and beautiful he was inundated with for the last three years. What he was going to do about it was a mystery. His attraction to the stunning man was distracting and Kellen wasn’t sure it was the kind of distraction he wanted.
Benji couldn’t get the man he’d nearly mowed over off his mind. He was exactly Benji’s type, but he was staff on the ship and most certainly not interested in Benji, nor even allowed any liaisons with the passengers. Benji didn’t want to get the man fired, but damn he’d like to get to know him better…in and out of bed.