Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WIP - The Broken Sub - 536 word count

Alexander Dupree was considered an extreme Dominant. He defined the word control. He was not above giving a sub whatever they wanted. He played mostly with pain sluts. Alex’s childhood dictated his actions as an adult. The Club gave him an outlet for the anger he carried. A safe outlet. Yes, he hurt subs, but the moment their safe word was uttered, Alex shut down. He only wished he’d had a safe word when he was a child. Then Alex met Ruby. An unattainable broken submissive. The polar opposite of what Alex should be looking for. So why couldn’t he get the damaged man off his mind?
Ruben “Ruby” March knew he was forever broken. And lucky to be alive. Most nights, he wished he wasn’t. Most nights he cowered in his bedroom, curled up in a ball, stuffed in a corner hoping the nightmares would stay away. His therapist would be appalled. But Ruby was lost. It took almost a year for him to enter Shackles and see his friends without becoming physically sick. He was so tired of being afraid. And, despite what had happened to him, he knew it was a Dom that would make him feel safe again….he hoped. But finding a Dom that would desire him was going to be a challenge he wasn’t sure he was up for.

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