Monday, May 26, 2014

WIP - The Legend of Broken Fang

Everyone in Austin’s small world had heard the legend of Broken Fang. Austin believed the myths, but his twin, Artis didn’t. Most shifters thought it nothing more than a fable, a superstition to keep young shifters in their place.
But when Austin became an adult, his Omega status cemented, the legend of Broken Fang faded into childhood memories. Being an Omega was hard enough as it was, the emotions of the pack driving everything else from Austin’s mind. Austin’s link to his twin severed when Artis challenged their cruel uncle and became Alpha.
Life changed with Artis leading the pack, his brother unsure of himself even after winning the challenge, the pack seeing him as weak and ineffectual. Some of the stronger wolves manipulated Artis, using him and causing havoc and violence in the pack. All that ended the day a very strong Alpha entered their territory.
MaCraye was big and powerful, but didn’t seem interested in helping their small pack, even when Austin encouraged Artis to talk to MaCraye. Austin could feel the potency rolling off the stranger. An immense power pulling on him as no other alpha did. He didn’t understand it, and it wasn’t likely he ever would with MaCraye turning his back on them.  
MaCraye wanted to run and run far when he felt the Omega that was destined to be his mate—again. Five centuries and he’d avoided the pull, a fate he didn’t want, not after losing Terric. He’d managed to avoid his reputation as well, hiding until most shifters who knew who Broken Fang was died out, or forgot him. His infamy fading into obscurity.
But the bond of a mate would bring it all back. The power running through him would increase, and his destiny would grip him, forcing him to lead the shifters of the world into a better, brighter future. A responsibility he didn’t want. Look what happened last time?
But he couldn’t abandon this Omega, especially with a brother that wasn’t strong enough to lead. Did they not know that this—Artis?—was not an alpha? Had shifters gotten so complacent that they allowed any common shifter to lead their packs? Did they even realize there were no true alphas in their pack? The prophecy had foretold of a day when alphas would cease to exist, but MaCraye hadn’t believed it, until now.
Without a choice, he was going to have to be there for the Omega, for his mate. He only hoped when the shifter found out exactly what that meant, he wouldn’t abandon MaCraye and was strong enough to not go mad and take his own life, as Terric had.