Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP - A Healing Kind of Love - 6619 Word count

Drey Adamson was in love. At fat lot of good that did him. His obsession was a beautiful invalid, his client. Sterling Gray was everything that Drey could ask for in looks. Drey just didn’t know what kind of personality Sterling had, since the man was stuck inside his own head after the horrific car accident he’d been in.
Drey could only do as his training taught him. Care for the man, feed him, clean him, and talk to him. But as time went by, Sterling’s responses to Drey became more numerous. But Drey wasn’t prepared for the anger that came out when Sterling finally became aware again.
But despite the daily tantrums, snide remarks and obvious attempts at pushing him away, Drey still loved Sterling and would do anything, including defying the man, to make him understand he was worthy of love.

Sterling lived in a nightmare of his own making, or so he thought. Blood and screams were his existence. Until an outside source began to penetrate the fog of horror. The hands that cared for him were gentle. The voice soothing. And as the consistency of that presence continued, Sterling’s nightmare began to recede, only to be replaced with an overwhelming anger.
When Sterling finally looked at his caretaker with clarity, he was overcome with hatred and rage. Drey had brought him back to reality. A reality that did not include Levi, the man Sterling had loved for two years. And Sterling could see that Drey cared about him. He didn’t want anyone caring about him. People ended up dead when they loved Sterling.
Add to that the humiliation of being stuck in a wheelchair, and Sterling wanted desperately for Drey to go away. But the stubborn man wouldn’t and Sterling wasn’t sure what to do. Especially as he tried to work through his own feelings for the man that had cared for him so well.

WIP - Is Love Enough? (Sequel to The Reluctant Rent Boy) - Not started

Alistair loved Bastian more than life itself. But Bastian’s frustration was beginning to wear on them both. What did Bastian expect? Alistair didn’t want his lover going back to being what he once was. But that left nothing for Bastian to do….just as Bastian had told Hunter, his best friend. He’d gone from rent boy to kept boy. Something was going to have to give. Alistair was afraid that something would be their relationship.
To add insult to injury, Hunter has taken a turn for the worse, and Alistair is afraid Bastian’s frustration with his situation was going to turn to anger and disappointment at Alistair for failing to keep Hunter healthy. Alistair was doing the best he could, frantically searching for a cure to Hunter’s illness. He was working himself to death, something that wasn’t helping their relationship either.
Will the love between the two men stand up to the obstacles they face as Bastian tries to find his way in a new life and Alistair fights for Hunter’s life?

WIP - Love is Blind - Not started

Tamin Armeneth is one of the most talented singers the world has ever seen. Not that anyone has actually seen him. He doesn’t tour. He doesn’t pose for promotional material. He doesn’t tolerate the media in any way. He has a beautiful voice and the powerful and unequaled ability to write songs that capture the audience.
But, despite all that he has accomplished from a tragic and agonizing past, Tamin is lonely. Every aspect of his life is a secret, including the fact that he’s gay. No one knows the real Tamin, the man behind the band Armeneth. Not even his agent and friend Geo.
Shy all his life, Tamin was involved in a horrendous car wreck at fourteen that killed his parents and put him in a coma for months, along with disfiguring him horribly. With no other family, once he came to, he was shuffled into the foster system and quickly slipped through the cracks, an unwanted, ugly burden.
Leeson Gregory is a bright, gorgeous, outgoing, yet sheltered man. He has his parent’s unconditional, if overprotective love despite being blind and gay. But Leeson wants out from under his parent’s smothering affection.
His move has unexpected consequences, in the form of a very quiet, reserved man living next door.  Leeson loves hearing the man speak, his voice tugging at Leeson. Being blind, Leeson’s other senses are hyperaware of everything. And both Leeson’s senses and Leeson want to get to know the shy man next door.
But trying to get the man to open up is proving to be a challenge. A challenge that Leeson is happy to accept.
Can two men from vastly different backgrounds and overwhelming obstacles find what they desperately need in each other?

WIP - Guiding the Darkness - 642 Word count

Lucian Van Carlyle is an enigma. He is a vampire…with a guardian angel. An angel he knows nothing about. The undead don’t associate with the heavenly denizens. Certainly not angels. It is in a Vampire’s very nature not to trust…anyone. None have ever seen a being with wings. But then Lucian starts having dreams. Vampires don’t dream, or so he’s been told. And his dreams have wings.
Manir has a job. A job he hates…in the beginning. He can’t believe he’s been assigned to a vampire. They aren’t even alive. They can’t transcend to heaven…so what’s the point? But as he guards and guides the dark mysterious Lucian, questions begin to arise. Questions that have Manir nearly losing his mind. And as he gets closer to his burden, Lucian begins to sense him. Something that has never happened in the history of mankind. Now, Manir’s job suddenly becomes dangerous. Lucian’s brethren have an issue with Lucian and it will take Manir to save him. But only if he’s willing to reveal himself fully to him. Something that is forbidden, even for a vampire.

My inspiration for Manir

My inspiration for Lucian (will be part of the cover)

WIP - Racing to the Truth - 7456 Word count

Lancer Phillips was very aware that his occupation was right up there with every other macho occupation that was filled with bigotry and prejudices. Firemen, cops, most sports, politics. He was aware. But his occupation was worse, at least as far as Lancer was concerned. Because his occupation was filled with small, on occasion, effeminate men. Jockeys. It was required and sought after, to be small and light weight. Lancer was one of the smallest circuit jockeys, at only 5’2” and weighing 110 pounds soaking wet. But that made him popular with the race horse owners.

Sometimes, too popular, especially with the female owners. He was ‘cute’ to them. So they swung from lavishing gifts on him, to outright propositioning him. Lancer would politely decline both. His interest lie elsewhere, not that anyone knew that. Or ever would. He’d had enough of that kind of trouble in the past.

But Lancer was lonely. Had been for some time. Since high school really. It wasn’t as if he had the opportunity to do anything about it either. Lancer was sure he was as familiar with the paparazzi as any Hollywood star. And they were ruthless. Especially Craig Johanson, lead reporter for the local rag.

It wouldn’t bother Lancer so much, but, Goddamn, Craig was a walking wet dream. He was also the most conniving, egotistical, self-centered, hypocritical, homophobic asshole on the face of the earth. Lancer hated the guy, with passion. And yet, Lancer had to struggle with a different kind of passion every time he laid eyes on the man. Talk about your irony.


Craig Johanson loved his job. And hated it. Loved the excitement, the intrigue and the satisfaction in bringing the truth to the masses. Hated it, because the object of his current fascination and lust was just an assignment. Craig followed Lancer Phillips around like any red blooded paparazzi. Taking pictures, watching his every move. It wasn’t work really. He would have done it for free. Lancer was that gorgeous, and damn sexy too. But, just like anyone else getting attention from the likes of him, Lancer was belligerent, unkind, snobbish and an all-around jerk.

And Craig was smitten. A lot of good that did him. Craig had seen more women on that man’s arm then he cared to know about. So that reduced Lancer to eye candy. At least as far as Craig was concerned anyway. And he was not in the habit of turning straight guys to the dark side. Especially since no one knew he pitched for that team. He would be the laughing stock of the media community. Been there…done that. Wasn’t going to do it again.

But it didn’t stop his growing attraction for one very stunning horse rider. So he did what he did best, which was staying glued to the very public image of Lancer Phillips, the jockey, while investigating the very private and reclusive life of Lancer Phillips, the man.

WARNING: Content may be objectionable to some readers. M/M sexual practices, violence, vague permission, sexual content, adult language.