Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP - Love is Blind - Not started

Tamin Armeneth is one of the most talented singers the world has ever seen. Not that anyone has actually seen him. He doesn’t tour. He doesn’t pose for promotional material. He doesn’t tolerate the media in any way. He has a beautiful voice and the powerful and unequaled ability to write songs that capture the audience.
But, despite all that he has accomplished from a tragic and agonizing past, Tamin is lonely. Every aspect of his life is a secret, including the fact that he’s gay. No one knows the real Tamin, the man behind the band Armeneth. Not even his agent and friend Geo.
Shy all his life, Tamin was involved in a horrendous car wreck at fourteen that killed his parents and put him in a coma for months, along with disfiguring him horribly. With no other family, once he came to, he was shuffled into the foster system and quickly slipped through the cracks, an unwanted, ugly burden.
Leeson Gregory is a bright, gorgeous, outgoing, yet sheltered man. He has his parent’s unconditional, if overprotective love despite being blind and gay. But Leeson wants out from under his parent’s smothering affection.
His move has unexpected consequences, in the form of a very quiet, reserved man living next door.  Leeson loves hearing the man speak, his voice tugging at Leeson. Being blind, Leeson’s other senses are hyperaware of everything. And both Leeson’s senses and Leeson want to get to know the shy man next door.
But trying to get the man to open up is proving to be a challenge. A challenge that Leeson is happy to accept.
Can two men from vastly different backgrounds and overwhelming obstacles find what they desperately need in each other?

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