Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP - Guiding the Darkness - 642 Word count

Lucian Van Carlyle is an enigma. He is a vampire…with a guardian angel. An angel he knows nothing about. The undead don’t associate with the heavenly denizens. Certainly not angels. It is in a Vampire’s very nature not to trust…anyone. None have ever seen a being with wings. But then Lucian starts having dreams. Vampires don’t dream, or so he’s been told. And his dreams have wings.
Manir has a job. A job he hates…in the beginning. He can’t believe he’s been assigned to a vampire. They aren’t even alive. They can’t transcend to heaven…so what’s the point? But as he guards and guides the dark mysterious Lucian, questions begin to arise. Questions that have Manir nearly losing his mind. And as he gets closer to his burden, Lucian begins to sense him. Something that has never happened in the history of mankind. Now, Manir’s job suddenly becomes dangerous. Lucian’s brethren have an issue with Lucian and it will take Manir to save him. But only if he’s willing to reveal himself fully to him. Something that is forbidden, even for a vampire.

My inspiration for Manir

My inspiration for Lucian (will be part of the cover)

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