Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP - A Healing Kind of Love - 6619 Word count

Drey Adamson was in love. At fat lot of good that did him. His obsession was a beautiful invalid, his client. Sterling Gray was everything that Drey could ask for in looks. Drey just didn’t know what kind of personality Sterling had, since the man was stuck inside his own head after the horrific car accident he’d been in.
Drey could only do as his training taught him. Care for the man, feed him, clean him, and talk to him. But as time went by, Sterling’s responses to Drey became more numerous. But Drey wasn’t prepared for the anger that came out when Sterling finally became aware again.
But despite the daily tantrums, snide remarks and obvious attempts at pushing him away, Drey still loved Sterling and would do anything, including defying the man, to make him understand he was worthy of love.

Sterling lived in a nightmare of his own making, or so he thought. Blood and screams were his existence. Until an outside source began to penetrate the fog of horror. The hands that cared for him were gentle. The voice soothing. And as the consistency of that presence continued, Sterling’s nightmare began to recede, only to be replaced with an overwhelming anger.
When Sterling finally looked at his caretaker with clarity, he was overcome with hatred and rage. Drey had brought him back to reality. A reality that did not include Levi, the man Sterling had loved for two years. And Sterling could see that Drey cared about him. He didn’t want anyone caring about him. People ended up dead when they loved Sterling.
Add to that the humiliation of being stuck in a wheelchair, and Sterling wanted desperately for Drey to go away. But the stubborn man wouldn’t and Sterling wasn’t sure what to do. Especially as he tried to work through his own feelings for the man that had cared for him so well.

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  1. This one has a lot of promise, CR. Lots of room for raw emotion and frustration as well as tenderness.