Thursday, December 1, 2011

WIP - Under Wraps - 20106 Word count

Elijah Grayson was proud that he was the youngest detective on the Seattle force in recent history. But that pride was overshadowed by indignation that he was also the only detective that could pass for a fourteen year old boy. A rent boy. For that made him prefect for the Assignment.

An assignment that turned into a waking nightmare. Trapped in a whorehouse, Elijah relied on the contact he had with fellow narcotics detective Jace Atherton. A man he both loved and despised. A man that had hurt him badly. Then suddenly Jace was gone and Elijah was alone. Alone and vulnerable.

Once he’d gained the information to put the prostitution kingpin Asher Cravets behind bars for life, Elijah waited. No Jace. But he did get contacted again. By none other than Kinsey Sheridan, the PD Director’s own son. But, still, Elijah was left to continue in the whorehouse.

Elijah didn’t know what would become of him. And Cravets’ interest in him was growing again. Elijah didn’t want to be the next in a long line of dead rent boys. But his hope was left in a young, inexperienced vice detective, Kinsey, and an estranged lover, Jace.

Will Cary and Jace be able to save Elijah before Asher Cravets decides Elijah should be his…again?

Warning: Content may be objectionable to some readers. M/M sexual practices, rape, murder, adult language, pedophilia, prostitution.

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