Thursday, December 1, 2011

WIP - Overwhelmed - 6128 Word count

Cayle Hallowell isn’t happy…at all. Add up being shy and introverted, awkward and of average intelligence, self-loathsome and having a family that hates him, zero friends, constant fear…and gay, he felt his miserable life would be best ended. He never got the chance to execute that elimination himself.
Victim of a gay-bashing, Cayle truly wished the homophobes had completed what they’d set out to do. That was to beat him to death. But, in the end, he’d only ended up with a savior. That savior adding new layers of misery to Cayle’s already desolate life.
Like he didn’t have enough to be depressed and overwhelmed about? Now the most gorgeous, tattooed and pierced, masculine, mouthwateringly unattainably straight man kept popping up unexpectedly to stop any attempts Cayle had in ceasing his wretched existence. Wrapped up in his misery, it didn’t even occur to Cayle…why…the man would be in his life at all. Self esteem completely nonexistent, it didn’t cross his mind why a stunning example of pure maleness would waste his time with a loser like himself. Back to the wall….

Dalton lived and breathed the bad boy life. No one knew his secret. A secret he has every intention of keeping to his dying day. His closest buddies don’t know, his brothers and sisters don’t know…and most importantly, his parents don’t know. All that secrecy starts taking its toll on Dalton after he rescues a small, mouse of a man that was everything Dalton was not.
What made him care at all wasn’t something he could identify. Dalton didn’t much care about anything, except his family. Wild, selfish, somewhat cruel, arrogant Dalton found Cayle Hallowell getting under his skin. And he didn’t like it…not one bit. ‘Fuck ‘em and leave ‘em’ went right along with his ‘I’m a badass so don’t fuck with me’ attitude. And though the genuine label of ‘bad ass’ was richly deserved, and gave him a level of privacy, the ‘fuck ‘em and leave ‘em part? That happened and rarely about 85 miles northwest in Atlanta. That way, Macon Georgia would never know that Dalton Montague Shoreline, III, multimillionaire heir, never-worked-a-day-in-his-life, bad-ass preferred men. The best laid plans…..

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