Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WIP - Untitled sci-fi m/m - New

Sorban was pleased that he lived in a world scored of strife and violence. As a teacher of galactic history, he knew intimately what earth used to be like. Led by the omnipotent AIL, it was paradise realized for the men that inhabited the planet. He was also happy that the Artificial Intelligence Leader had paired him with Linder.
Linder was such a strong, masculine man, a wondrous lover and a solid provider. Now it was time for them to add to their family. They had been approved for the breeder program, WBP having identified them as excellent fathers. He just wasn’t sure what to make of Linder’s reluctance.
Linder certainly loved his bonded mate Sorban, but had found himself unsatisfied with their sexual life. His job with WBP exposed him to the female breeders and he found himself attracted to B131, a breeder with dark hair and bright green eyes. Not the breeder picked for his and Sorban’s offspring, but that hardly mattered when his feelings were forbidden. It was death to care for a breeder.
Like all men of the 23rd century, Linder was well aware of the success, yet bloody violence of the Homobellion in 2083. But, deep within himself, he didn’t believe the uprising was successful….or right, feelings that would mark him as a heretic and traitor. He watched and medically cared for the females owned by WBP, wishing more each day that they could be free. He just didn’t know what he was going to do about it…or B131, who was growing on him more and more.
Neither knew of the danger from the rogue females hidden away….

WIP - The King's Desire - New

Blood was Laise de MacGregor’s legacy to the throne of Scotland. Battles he had won and lost. But the battle within himself was the hardest of all.
Killing was nothing. Raiding an afterthought. Plundering a habit. But the emotions that threatened to spill from him were the fear he could not shake. The sin that draped his very soul.
He was king, the highest of all, yet he craved one of the lowest. Finnean, one of his guardsmen, had a brother. A beautiful man, with stunning sapphire eyes under thick midnight black hair. Diarmad was everything Laise wanted in a lover. Beautiful, strong, courageous, even if he was just a courtier, and not within the ranks of Laise’s military, nor one of the noblemen that were nettles in Laise’s side.
The desires that coursed through him were a risk. To allow his dark propensities to be revealed…to the queen, to the queen mother…to the noblemen that claimed alliance, but would stab him in the back on the first provocation, was not something he was willing to do. His liaisons had to be discrete; his loins curtailed until behind closed doors.
But what he felt for Diarmad was so much more than the release his body craved. Diarmad engaged his heart. And the King of the land, sovereign of the people could not take a man with righteousness in front of church and God, the sin too great. But Laise could nor more stop his heart from longing for Diarmad, than he could still his breath.

WIP - The Full Monty (Novella from Valley Love) - New

Benjamin “Bennie” Anderson knew deep down he was a submissive, but trying to explain that to his overprotective parents was more than he thought wise. He was just as glad they accepted his sexuality. Of course, that’s what made them so overprotective. That and what they thought was a gay bashing he’d taken outside a bar. A bar that specialized in BDSM. Bennie had made the mistake of going in without a collar. It hadn’t been a gay bashing that had injured him. It had been a mean, violent dominant that had bruised and broken Bennie. But still he craved to submit. Dreamed of finding a Dom worthy of his love, who would love him back.
When Dallin had found out what Darrin Brown had done to an un-collared sub in his club, Darrin had found out what a true Dom was. He wouldn’t be abusing any subs again, nor would he be welcomed in Dallin’s club. Dallin only hoped the young man would return, though he wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t. But Dallin’s luck held out and the sub that had enticed Darrin showed up. Battered and bruised and a cast on his arm, he was still here. Dallin had intended to apologize for the brutal treatment of Bennie at his establishment, but found himself drawn to the sub…in more ways than one.

WIP - A Mind Made Up (Book 5 of Valley Love) - New

Grant Hitchcock was sure he’d never recover from the brutal attack on Kagen O’Connor that resulted in his own almost fatal injuries. He was grateful that the man had survived and found his true love. And jealous at the same time. He never disabused Croy or Kagen of the notion he was straight, not when his wounds and scars were so extensive that he didn’t think he would ever find love. But a wonderful doctor gave Grant a second chance at life and he planned on taking it. The number of lovers he went through, both male and female was more than Grant wanted to admit each time he was invited over to Croy’s and Kagen’s mansion. And it didn’t take long for a restless itch to start invading his fun whenever he saw Croy and Kagen together.
Detective Mark Richardson tried his best to cull the growing attraction he had to the criminal-slash-victim Grant Hitchcock. Richardson didn’t even want to admit to being gay, or bi or whatever he was. Straight but curious? He really didn’t know. All he did know was the overwhelming instincts that flooded him the first time he met Grant. The instinct to protect, possess and claim. He’d never felt that way with any of his girlfriends. Maybe that was the problem. But he wasn’t sure Grant was the man for him if he was going to explore these brand new feelings. Besides, Grant was as straight as Richardson thought himself to be. And Richardson had read the medical report over and above listening to Grant’s statement. Those were obstacles that Richardson wasn’t sure Grant would overcome, much less himself.

WIP - Letting Fear Go - New

Dennis Gerard knew manipulating his older brother wasn’t very smart. But his passion for the homeless population left no alternative.  And as a Congressman, Emerson had the ability and power to do something about it. He just didn’t know how far his brother would end up going.
Emerson Gerard was so exasperated with his little brother’s antics, he barely spoke to him. Yes, the homeless population was bad. The statistics he’d been shown were overwhelming. But what Denny thought Emerson could do about it was confusing. It didn’t help that his district was the worst area in Des Moines.
Then Emerson met Halley Verdough. A young, homeless man trying to survive and take care of a younger, pregnant sister on the streets. Halley brought out feelings in Emerson that he’d buried long ago, feelings he denied to protect his political career. Not to mention, Des Moines was not a particularly gay friendly place, not that Emerson thought himself gay.
Dennis’s sharp journalist’s instincts went haywire the day he dragged his brother down to the riverbed and introduced him to Halley and Madison. The intensity in which the two men stared at each other made Dennis’s head reel. But Dennis knew his brother wasn’t gay….right? And Dennis was very aware that Halley was terrified of older, powerful men. Dennis learned later why Halley was so scared of powerful men, a reason that made his stomach churn. And a revelation he wasn’t looking forward to telling his congressman brother.
Now what? Would Emerson do the right thing, and help the homeless population, as Dennis wanted him to? Would Emerson acknowledge his feelings, or continue to protect his career? Would Halley move past his fear and allow himself to love Emerson? And what of Dennis and his growing affection for Madison and her unborn child?

WIP - Desperado - New

Lincoln Hart had learned over the years to steer clear of his boss, Des Kingston. The man was a walking, talking sex dream, and as mean as any rattler. He was one of the few who knew, or at least suspected that Des swung his way, but was well aware that his boss would never admit to something like that.
He kept to his job, foreman for Des’s 100 acre ranch, The Red Diamond, and tried not to let Des’s obvious loneliness kill him. Someday, maybe, Des would finally see what was right in front of him—a man willing and able to love him and complete his life.
Des Princeton liked his well ordered, controlled life. Keeping to himself, never revealing the grief that still gripped him over the death of his lover. None of the hands currently working for him had known Clayton Spade, most seeing Des date women, and only rarely—for appearances. He never slept with any of them.
He’d accepted he would be alone the rest of his life, but much appreciated Lincoln’s friendship. His foreman was gorgeous, and sometimes Des had to fight his libido around the man. But he wouldn’t go there—couldn’t go there.

WIP - Gypsy - New

Gerry Bennet aka Gypsy had been on his own since he was old enough to take care of himself, escaping a violent childhood and a painful past. With only his motorbike and wits, he traveled from town to town, taking on odd jobs to house and feed himself, only to move on when the itch was too much to bear. He’d never stayed in one place more than a few weeks. He didn’t know if he was still running from his past, or searching for something bigger than himself, something that could stop the demons that haunted him.
When he stopped in Hollingsville, Illinois, he made the mistake of meeting a man that filled his whole world for a brief time. But he didn’t stay, he couldn’t, the itch too great to ignore, his paranoia that his past would catch up to him undeniable. He had to keep moving, but it didn’t stop him from thinking, and remembering, and wishing.
Brian Lancaster thought he’d met the man of his dreams. Gypsy was everything Brian had ever wanted in a lover, but destiny wasn’t kind and Gypsy left, breaking Brian’s heart. Brian would have gone with Gypsy if he’d only asked. But Gypsy, no doubt, knew Brian was trapped in Hollingsville, as if he were shackled by the very reason Gypsy disappeared—responsibility. Gypsy was a free spirit, answering to no one, not even Brian. But Brian wasn’t so unencumbered, having to care for his elderly grandmother and his younger brother.
It was a few years later that Brian found himself free of his burdens, his grandmother having passed and his brother now old enough to stand on his own. Brian had only one goal in mind—finding Gypsy. But where would he look? Where would he find the man he still loved? And would Gypsy still want him, or even remember him?  

WIP - Gray is the Only Color - New

Curley was the local tagger. Most everyone thought he was a bit touched in the head because he never used any color but gray. He was exceptionally talented, but vandalism was vandalism. He’d never been caught in all the years he’d painted the walls of the town. He’d been homeless for as long as most could remember, though, in truth, he was only twenty-eight. He looked fifty with his rugged brown beard, long stringy hair, thin almost emancipated frame and crazy gray eyes. Even his fellow indigenous left Curley alone.
At thirty-five, James Collier had moved to West Marlin to escape the high crime areas of Baltimore and the stress of being a beat cop in some of the more dangerous parts of the city. Alone, with only his mastiff, Morgan for company, he was looking forward to the peace and solitude of small town America. It didn’t take him long to hear about the local legend known as Curley. Most of law enforcement had never even seen the man, but they had all seen the evidence of his passing. James was no expert, but even he could see that the mysterious homeless man was gifted. Not everyone could make such masterpieces with nothing but a spray can of gray paint.
Jim soon figured out, that when it came to Curley, the whole town tended to turn a blind eye to his crimes, each owner of whatever part of town he graced with his spray can, shouldering the cost to paint over the art left behind. When Jim finally caught Curley, no one in the lone precinct was happy, all giving Jim cold stares as if he’d desecrated a national monument. But it wasn’t the townsfolk, or his fellow officers that concerned Jim. It was his reaction to Curley. Once cleaned up, Curley was—well—beautiful, causing a stirring in Jim’s chest that he did not want.
Besides, what could he possibly find with a homeless man that was obviously crazy? But the weirdest part of all was that ever since that first arrest, every time Jim turned around, Curley was there to be easily caught, again and again, as if he was making himself available for Jim to bring in. And each time, Curley inched his way further and further under Jim’s skin until he found himself obsessed with the homeless man—and protecting him. And caring for him. Until the day Jim finally brought Curley home and his world was turned upside down.

WIP - Outpost to Forever - New

Je’san could not believe he’d been assigned regency security for the Boron sector. There was nothing out here! A few colonized planets with inferior species and the Mathron Outpost that hosted all the ragtag filth and runaways of the galaxy. Oh sure, it kept him busy and the dungeons full, but Je’san wanted to be part of the war, wanted to fight for his planet against the invaders from Terra. Je’san hated humans with a rage that consumed him. It was humans that had annihilated his family and tribe, humans that had taken his mate away, torturing him before killing him.
Bim learned quickly that to survive the outpost he’d been dumped on, he had to stay hidden. He didn’t even know what part of the Galaxy he’d been abandoned to. But he’d seen enough to know he was the only free human on the outpost, the rest slaves to the Nar’reens. If caught, he too would become a slave to the aliens Earth was at war with. And the Nar’reens were not the only dangerous species on the outpost.
On a rare shift off, Je’san overheard a rumor of a clever thief that pilfered from any and all the traders on Mathron, much to their aggravation, and without regard to species. Unusual in itself, though robbery was common on the outpost. But most thieves limited themselves to either their own kind, or those weaker than themselves. Seems this one cared naught who they were stealing from. Je’san was intrigued enough to alert his commander and was promptly expected to haul whoever was doing it in and swell the overfull dungeons by another.
Bim hadn’t expected to be caught by regency security, and was further surprised to see it was a Nar’reen. Bim knew his life of freedom, such as it was, was over. He would be enslaved, imprisoned or most likely, killed.
Je’san was stunned to find the thief he pursued was human. At first, all he could think to do was kill the man, but duty overruled his instinct and he put the human in the dungeons. To further the man’s torture and make sure he didn’t become someone’s meal, he isolated the man in a cell deep within the bowels of Mathron. That should have been the end of Je’san’s duty, the human now the responsibility of the dungeon Overlord, but Je’san couldn’t seem to stay away.
Bim didn’t know why the Nar’reen kept coming by to stare at him. And the only food he was allowed came from the Nar’reen’s own hand, which floored Bim. To be hand fed by a Nor’reen was tantamount to mating. The aliens were a strange species, but Bim was a Xenocist, and not only knew all there was to know about Earth’s enemy, but could even speak their language. He didn’t let this Nor’reen know that though, figuring it was his only advantage to staying alive.