Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WIP - Desperado - New

Lincoln Hart had learned over the years to steer clear of his boss, Des Kingston. The man was a walking, talking sex dream, and as mean as any rattler. He was one of the few who knew, or at least suspected that Des swung his way, but was well aware that his boss would never admit to something like that.
He kept to his job, foreman for Des’s 100 acre ranch, The Red Diamond, and tried not to let Des’s obvious loneliness kill him. Someday, maybe, Des would finally see what was right in front of him—a man willing and able to love him and complete his life.
Des Princeton liked his well ordered, controlled life. Keeping to himself, never revealing the grief that still gripped him over the death of his lover. None of the hands currently working for him had known Clayton Spade, most seeing Des date women, and only rarely—for appearances. He never slept with any of them.
He’d accepted he would be alone the rest of his life, but much appreciated Lincoln’s friendship. His foreman was gorgeous, and sometimes Des had to fight his libido around the man. But he wouldn’t go there—couldn’t go there.

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