Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WIP - A Mind Made Up (Book 5 of Valley Love) - New

Grant Hitchcock was sure he’d never recover from the brutal attack on Kagen O’Connor that resulted in his own almost fatal injuries. He was grateful that the man had survived and found his true love. And jealous at the same time. He never disabused Croy or Kagen of the notion he was straight, not when his wounds and scars were so extensive that he didn’t think he would ever find love. But a wonderful doctor gave Grant a second chance at life and he planned on taking it. The number of lovers he went through, both male and female was more than Grant wanted to admit each time he was invited over to Croy’s and Kagen’s mansion. And it didn’t take long for a restless itch to start invading his fun whenever he saw Croy and Kagen together.
Detective Mark Richardson tried his best to cull the growing attraction he had to the criminal-slash-victim Grant Hitchcock. Richardson didn’t even want to admit to being gay, or bi or whatever he was. Straight but curious? He really didn’t know. All he did know was the overwhelming instincts that flooded him the first time he met Grant. The instinct to protect, possess and claim. He’d never felt that way with any of his girlfriends. Maybe that was the problem. But he wasn’t sure Grant was the man for him if he was going to explore these brand new feelings. Besides, Grant was as straight as Richardson thought himself to be. And Richardson had read the medical report over and above listening to Grant’s statement. Those were obstacles that Richardson wasn’t sure Grant would overcome, much less himself.

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