Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WIP - Letting Fear Go - New

Dennis Gerard knew manipulating his older brother wasn’t very smart. But his passion for the homeless population left no alternative.  And as a Congressman, Emerson had the ability and power to do something about it. He just didn’t know how far his brother would end up going.
Emerson Gerard was so exasperated with his little brother’s antics, he barely spoke to him. Yes, the homeless population was bad. The statistics he’d been shown were overwhelming. But what Denny thought Emerson could do about it was confusing. It didn’t help that his district was the worst area in Des Moines.
Then Emerson met Halley Verdough. A young, homeless man trying to survive and take care of a younger, pregnant sister on the streets. Halley brought out feelings in Emerson that he’d buried long ago, feelings he denied to protect his political career. Not to mention, Des Moines was not a particularly gay friendly place, not that Emerson thought himself gay.
Dennis’s sharp journalist’s instincts went haywire the day he dragged his brother down to the riverbed and introduced him to Halley and Madison. The intensity in which the two men stared at each other made Dennis’s head reel. But Dennis knew his brother wasn’t gay….right? And Dennis was very aware that Halley was terrified of older, powerful men. Dennis learned later why Halley was so scared of powerful men, a reason that made his stomach churn. And a revelation he wasn’t looking forward to telling his congressman brother.
Now what? Would Emerson do the right thing, and help the homeless population, as Dennis wanted him to? Would Emerson acknowledge his feelings, or continue to protect his career? Would Halley move past his fear and allow himself to love Emerson? And what of Dennis and his growing affection for Madison and her unborn child?

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