Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WIP - Outpost to Forever - New

Je’san could not believe he’d been assigned regency security for the Boron sector. There was nothing out here! A few colonized planets with inferior species and the Mathron Outpost that hosted all the ragtag filth and runaways of the galaxy. Oh sure, it kept him busy and the dungeons full, but Je’san wanted to be part of the war, wanted to fight for his planet against the invaders from Terra. Je’san hated humans with a rage that consumed him. It was humans that had annihilated his family and tribe, humans that had taken his mate away, torturing him before killing him.
Bim learned quickly that to survive the outpost he’d been dumped on, he had to stay hidden. He didn’t even know what part of the Galaxy he’d been abandoned to. But he’d seen enough to know he was the only free human on the outpost, the rest slaves to the Nar’reens. If caught, he too would become a slave to the aliens Earth was at war with. And the Nar’reens were not the only dangerous species on the outpost.
On a rare shift off, Je’san overheard a rumor of a clever thief that pilfered from any and all the traders on Mathron, much to their aggravation, and without regard to species. Unusual in itself, though robbery was common on the outpost. But most thieves limited themselves to either their own kind, or those weaker than themselves. Seems this one cared naught who they were stealing from. Je’san was intrigued enough to alert his commander and was promptly expected to haul whoever was doing it in and swell the overfull dungeons by another.
Bim hadn’t expected to be caught by regency security, and was further surprised to see it was a Nar’reen. Bim knew his life of freedom, such as it was, was over. He would be enslaved, imprisoned or most likely, killed.
Je’san was stunned to find the thief he pursued was human. At first, all he could think to do was kill the man, but duty overruled his instinct and he put the human in the dungeons. To further the man’s torture and make sure he didn’t become someone’s meal, he isolated the man in a cell deep within the bowels of Mathron. That should have been the end of Je’san’s duty, the human now the responsibility of the dungeon Overlord, but Je’san couldn’t seem to stay away.
Bim didn’t know why the Nar’reen kept coming by to stare at him. And the only food he was allowed came from the Nar’reen’s own hand, which floored Bim. To be hand fed by a Nor’reen was tantamount to mating. The aliens were a strange species, but Bim was a Xenocist, and not only knew all there was to know about Earth’s enemy, but could even speak their language. He didn’t let this Nor’reen know that though, figuring it was his only advantage to staying alive.

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