Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WIP - Gypsy - New

Gerry Bennet aka Gypsy had been on his own since he was old enough to take care of himself, escaping a violent childhood and a painful past. With only his motorbike and wits, he traveled from town to town, taking on odd jobs to house and feed himself, only to move on when the itch was too much to bear. He’d never stayed in one place more than a few weeks. He didn’t know if he was still running from his past, or searching for something bigger than himself, something that could stop the demons that haunted him.
When he stopped in Hollingsville, Illinois, he made the mistake of meeting a man that filled his whole world for a brief time. But he didn’t stay, he couldn’t, the itch too great to ignore, his paranoia that his past would catch up to him undeniable. He had to keep moving, but it didn’t stop him from thinking, and remembering, and wishing.
Brian Lancaster thought he’d met the man of his dreams. Gypsy was everything Brian had ever wanted in a lover, but destiny wasn’t kind and Gypsy left, breaking Brian’s heart. Brian would have gone with Gypsy if he’d only asked. But Gypsy, no doubt, knew Brian was trapped in Hollingsville, as if he were shackled by the very reason Gypsy disappeared—responsibility. Gypsy was a free spirit, answering to no one, not even Brian. But Brian wasn’t so unencumbered, having to care for his elderly grandmother and his younger brother.
It was a few years later that Brian found himself free of his burdens, his grandmother having passed and his brother now old enough to stand on his own. Brian had only one goal in mind—finding Gypsy. But where would he look? Where would he find the man he still loved? And would Gypsy still want him, or even remember him?  

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