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WIP - Untitled Vampire

Valyn Ambrogio was not happy to be what he was. Soon, the time would come for his first feeding and once that happened, there was no going back. Not that he could change the fact that he was a vampire, and a prince at that, even if he wanted to.
He also wasn’t thrilled to know that Baldassare would be bonded to him. The older vamp was conditioned to be his protector, but Valyn couldn’t stand the guy. He was voracious when feeding, turning Valyn’s stomach.
Then there was his friendship with Chesten Murray, a human. A friendship that Valyn wished was so much more. Chesten didn’t know what Valyn was, and he had to keep that secret. There was no doubt that Chesten wouldn’t understand and would be scared of him.
That secret didn’t last when Valyn’s need to feed snuck up on him and he lost control, in front of his best friend. Chesten ran and shut Valyn out, refusing to see him or talk to him so he could explain.
It was when Baldassare found out Chesten knew about Valyn that things got complicated. Valyn couldn’t let Baldassare hurt Chesten, much less kill him. But how he was supposed to keep Chesten safe when his bond to Baldassare was completed after he fed?
And how was he to live for an eternity knowing the man he loved thought him a monster?
Chesten Murray had harbored a huge crush on his best friend, Valyn since the day he met the other man. Valyn was so damn gorgeous and had a fragility to him that drew Chesten in like a moth to flame.
Valyn was a fascinating contradiction to Chesten. Seemingly strong, yet vulnerable. He didn’t understand it, but didn’t care. His heart wanted the other man, and his body too.
It was when Chesten witnessed Valyn attacking someone that his impression of his friend was shattered, along with his heart. He knew what his eyes had seen, and even if he didn’t want to believe it, Chesten realized, the man he cared about was a monster.

How was he supposed to live with that knowledge and the heartache that came with it?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

WIP - Untitled Shifter4

Tobiah Jorgenson has a quiet life as a meteorologist for the small town of Minot, North Dakota. He lives several miles northwest of the town near the northern border to the Upper Souris National Wildlife Rescue. 
Except for the occasional trips into Minot for supplies, Tobiah keeps to himself. His well aware the townsfolk consider him a recluse, a strange hermit that no one really knows.
That suits Tobiah just fine. Thanks to an attack three years ago, he isn’t someone that anyone would want to know. He’s a monster.
Much to his chagrin, his quiet life is suddenly shattered by the appearance of two young men. Both are dirty, starving…and naked. Tobiah’s first instinct is to turn them away. But he can’t, even if it’s dangerous for them to be in his home.
What he learns throws his world into chaos.
Pike and his brother Fenn were desperate. Kicked out of their pack by a sadistic Alpha, they grab their brother Knute and run. It’s killing Pike that he can’t provide for his little brothers, but none of them are old enough to shift yet, so can’t hunt to fill their bellies.
When they stumble across a large cabin, Pike makes the decision to seek help. Fenn refuses to let Pike go alone, but they hide Knute in the forest surrounding the place until they make sure it’s safe.
Pike relaxes when he scents that the man in the cabin is a created one. Except Tobiah seems to fear what he is, even as he tries to keep it a secret from Pike. But he’s agreed to help them.
The longer they are there, the more agitated Tobiah becomes, until he disappears into the forest. Left alone, Pike retrieves Knute and waits. Except time runs out when he goes through his first shift.
Then things get complicated. Because Pike realizes…Tobiah is a Nyingi Alpha and is not only his mate, but mate to his brothers, and he’s not sure how he feels about that.

WIP - Untitled "fluff" contemporary

Emre Butler considered himself an ordinary guy; working at a small antiques store in downtown Crater Falls, a boyfriend here and there, plain face, average body, boring clothes.
All that changed when he rescued a man out of a car wreck. Now he was a hero. Suddenly he was special. He didn’t like it. Too much attention, too many eyes on him. But what was he supposed to do?
The man he’d rescued just before the car exploded was famous. As a matter of fact, Chet Dalenvers was a legend in the sports industry. Retired quarterback, philanthropist, activist. And probably the most gorgeous guy Emre had ever met.
And so out of Emre’s league…
Emre was uncomfortable with the shower of gratitude from Chet, especially when he could see—something—under all the posturing for the cameras and the world. It took some time, but Emre finally figured it out. Chet was lonely and depressed.
Well, Emre knew all about those emotions. Maybe, just maybe, he could alleviate Chet’s despondency. It certainly wouldn’t be a hardship to have some fun with the beautiful man.
It was a mistake…because Emre lost his heart. Now who was going to rescue him?
Chet was sure that his driver had something to do with wrecking his car, but he’d never have the chance to ask since the man died. Chet himself would be dead if it weren’t for Emre. Jesus, but the guy was as cute as he could be.
And certainly not interested in a washed up football player with a bad shoulder.
Not that Chet had come out publically. He could. He had no reason to hide, wasn’t scared for the world to know he preferred men. But what was the point when he’d be alone the rest of his life?
He made sure Emre understood how grateful he was that he’d saved Chet’s life. Even befriending him just to have some time to be close to the pretty man. Then came the night Chet would never forget. The night Emre became more than a friend.
Chet had had liaisons with men before, but nothing compared to the passion he felt with Emre. An adoration that was overwhelming.

Did Emre feel it too? Or would he eventual leave and break Chet’s heart?

WIP - Untitled Dom

Vicente Soriano is a bitter and dangerous man. By day, he is a prosecutor for the Attorney General’s office, merciless and almost inhuman. At night? At night he is a Dom at Chains, one of the darker dungeon clubs in the city. Acquaintances in all aspects of his life call him “sir”.
He has put away hundreds of criminals, and has at least that many enemies. He is ruthless, hard and unforgiving. His mind is sharp, his tongue sharper and he’s almost vicious in prosecuting the derelicts and scum that think they can bypass the law and get away with their crimes. He has earned the respect of law enforcement, but it doesn’t matter to him.
Subs fear him, yet clamor to do scenes with him. Other Dom’s avoid him. No one at Chains knows his real identity. He wears a mask, uses only “Sir” and is considered a cold and calculating Dom. And what has made him the way he is?
Someone out in the cruel world killed his family…
Ronan Dyer is not at all sure about the placing of Marianna Soriano’s children with her brother. The man was an unfeeling machine. Even the cops who were investigating the death of Marianna didn’t have a lot to say about the man, other than he was good at what he did. No one really knew him.
Ronan figured, once Vicente Soriano was appraised of the situation, Ronan was going to have to find foster homes for the children. A man like Vicente wasn’t going to want to take on a four year old little boy and a six month old baby girl. Ronan couldn’t even picture it.
What he could picture irritated the crap out of him. Why the hell he was attracted to the man was a mystery. He was cold, arrogant, and controlling. And wickedly beautiful. Not even close to the usual men Ronan fancied. And the complete opposite of Ronan. He would do his duty by the Soriano children and then get the hell away from Vicente.
At least that’s what was supposed to happen…

WIP - Skin Deep

Aleque never thought he’d resort to using an online service for dates, but finding a man who would accept his kink wasn’t easy.
The fetish sites were interesting, but unsatisfying. A substitute for something—someone—he wanted desperately to find. A man that would care for him the way he was.
Being an extreme masochist tended to scare men away, most thinking he needed a psychiatrist more than a lover. Aleque had been there, done that. He wasn’t sick, wasn’t mentally ill. He just got off on pain. His fetish was never to the point of endangering his life. He wasn’t suicidal in any way. So how do you explain that to someone?
And, more importantly, how do you find a man who would accept that part of him?
Kye wasn’t sure about the date he’d arranged off a dating service, but his sister had insisted he needed to get laid. Kye hated that she was right. He’d been without for a long time. But she didn’t know just what Kye was looking for.
He wasn’t a dom in the normal sense of the word. Dominant, certainly, but it wasn’t the control he was after. What really aroused him, his sister would never understand. No one would, which was why Kye kept that part of himself private.
Meeting Aleque was a dream come true, or so he thought. But even he, as into inflicting pain as he was, struggled with what Aleque craved. Could he be the man that Aleque needed to satisfy his desire for pain?
Could he live with what he did to make Aleque happy?

WIP - Understanding the Bridge

Aeryan wasn’t sure what to do with the young man he’d stopped from jumping off a bridge. He’d never encountered someone intent on ending his life. He wasn’t equipped to handle the emotional rollercoaster that was Niklys Davenport.
What do you do with someone who was withdrawn, tight-lipped, scared and yet now considered you their savior? Aeryan was uncomfortable with that title, though Niklys had never actually called him that. And what possessed him to bring the troubled young man back to his home?
Days into having Niklys there, Aeryan’s family grew concerned, his sister urging him to send Niklys on his way. But Aeryan couldn’t do it. What if Niklys tried again? And succeeded? Aeryan would have to live with that the rest of his life. And, honestly, the man was too damn beautiful for his life to be snuffed out.
Aeryan’s only solution was to take one day at a time. What he hadn’t counted on was Niklys eventually opening up to him. The man had major trust issues. Just one more thing Aeryan was not familiar with.
And when he learned why he’d found Niklys on that bridge, his heart broke for the life Niklys tried to end.
Niklys was surprised, then angry at the man who’d stopped him from ending his misery. How dare he? Niklys didn’t have anything to live for and he certainly hadn’t expected the handsome man to offer him a place to stay.
Niklys didn’t know what to do. Aeryan was so kind, so patient in the face of Niklys’s drama. He didn’t push to know why Niklys wanted to end his life and Niklys didn’t want to burden Aeryan with the things that had happened and why he was the way he was.
Yet, he found himself relaxing around the man. Not something he would have done with anyone else. Niklys didn’t trust him, trusted Aeryan’s family even less, but he couldn’t hurt him. And Niklys was certain that if he followed through with what he wanted to do, he would hurt Aeryan.
What shocked him the most, though, was the attraction he felt towards Aeryan. At first he thought it hero worship, except he was not happy that Aeryan had interfered. Then he feared that Aeryan would be disgusted and revolted by Niklys’s orientation, just as his family had been. Except he wasn’t. When Niklys figured out that Aeryan was attracted back…that scared him even more. Aeryan was much too good for the likes of Niklys. Aeryan deserved a man who was confident and stable. Not the emotional wreck that he was.
So he left.

Better to hurt the man now and let him move on, then hurt him later with his emotional baggage. 

WIP - Untitled scifi m-m

Darial Alloway knew something was strange about his life. For one, except for the people he knew, he never saw others; no one came to the small compound where he’d lived his whole life. For another was the security. Were they in danger? Or were they a danger to others?
Darial would never hurt another, though he had to admit, his twin Diathi was a different story. Diathi had a temper. A bad one. Anything would set him off and he was ushered to his room and secured there until he calmed down. At least when Darial wasn’t around. If he was there, he was able to calm his brother within seconds. He was the only one who could.
It wasn’t until he was older that he started questioning things. Like, why did he and Diathi look nothing like the woman who claimed to be their mother? And why did they not know their father? Had he abandoned them? Was Diathi too much for the man to handle?
And, most important, at least to Darial, was how to find answers to the questions that filled his mind. If he asked, he was told he didn’t need to know such things. He’d scored the library for answers, only to come up empty. He’d tried to get his hands on one of the many computers, but most had passwords he didn’t know. His own class computer was useless.
Things changed the day his home was invaded by strangers. In all the chaos, he and Diathi were forgotten. Once the dust settled, they found nothing left. Equipment smashed, rooms abandoned, silence reigning. Darial didn’t know what to do, and Diathi seemed to be in shock, his brother unresponsive.
Darial’s only solution was to leave the only home they’d ever known. How they were going to survive was a mystery.
Sayer Morgenson was pleased he’d finally been able to buy the large plot of land he’d been living on for the last five years. That he was lonely didn’t matter. He was free from the conglomerate that he’d discovered was experimenting on humans. He wanted no part of that, despite not being human himself. It was atrocious what the scientists of his species were doing, and he couldn’t even report them since they were backed by the government. How sick was that?
His quiet, secluded life was shattered the day two young men stumbled upon his cabin. They were emaciated, hurt and scared. Sayer couldn’t possibly turn them away. And thanks to his alien abilities, he knew they were not as they seemed.
It wasn’t until weeks later, after Darial had healed that he discovered what they were. Experiments. Once human, but not anymore. And they seemed to be oblivious to that fact. Sayer struggled with the conundrum he found himself in. Should he tell them what he believed? Or help them and then let them move on?
Especially since he was quite attracted to Darial. Not that Diathi would allow anything to develop between them. He’d never seen such a volatile person, and highly protective of his brother. Stood to reason since their minds were interchangeable, even if their personalities had been split unbalanced.
The choice was taken from him when he learned the attraction was mutual. Darial didn’t want to leave, and Diathi stayed wherever his brother was. But how was he to develop a relationship with Darial, who was soft, kind, loving and affectionate, when it was Diathi that carried the passion, strength, loyalty and determination?  
And how would they react when they learned that Sayer was not only not human, but the same species that had changed them?

WIP - Untitled shifter3

Brigham Daniels couldn’t believe he’d gotten away from the sadistic bastard calling himself the Exterminator. A psychopath that had captured Brigham three long years ago and forced him to hunt down his own kind so the mad man could slaughter them. Men, women, cubs. Didn’t matter.
And despite the overwhelming guilt and self-loathing, he didn’t have a choice. Not with Marrick de Burgh, the Exterminator’s real name holding his little sister’s life over his head. Well, now Laria was gone, unable to take anymore of Marrick’s brutal advances.
Brigham had a new problem now. Where would he go? No pack would welcome him. He would either have to integrate himself in with humans, or reinvent himself in the supernatural community. He wasn’t looking forward to either. Free he might be, for now, but Marrick wouldn’t rest until he found him again, and Brigham didn’t want to endanger anyone else.
Three dead men and his bloodhound was loose. That was unacceptable. Marrick was already angry over Laria taking her own life, but he’d be damned if he would lose his hound. Nothing would stop him from finding the runaway wolf. And when he did find him, that mongrel was going to wish for death.
Kanon Farrance didn’t like the rumors he’d been hearing lately about a lone wolf close to his borders. Rogues were dangerous and Kanon’s pack had just merged with another and things were not settled yet. The Council was interfering, the former Alpha of the other pack was causing trouble, and his own pack was pressuring him to find a mate. This was so not the time to have a rogue sniffing around.

When three of his enforcers caught the man and brought him before Kanon, he was surprised to find his mate. However, something was wrong, because the man—Brigham—did nothing but beg to be let go. He would never say why he had to leave, and didn’t he feel the mating pull? Well, Kanon wasn’t letting the man go until he had answers. Answers that took a back seat when Kanon’s pack was attacked by a band of humans. 

WIP - Untitled Soulmate

Kyson never thought he’d end up in a compound for the soulless. He knew he had a soul-mate, had felt the emotions on and off during his life. But no one believed him when he turned twenty, and his soul-mate couldn’t be found.
It was the law that every human must bond with their soul-mate by the age of twenty, and Kyson had failed. But he couldn’t find his soul-mate locked up in the compound. And if he escaped, he would be a fugitive, a hunted man.
What he stumbled into when he was free was a nightmare, or so he thought. Whole communities of soulless, living without the bond and apparently happy. How could that be? It was a known fact that a human needed their soul-mate to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be complete—wasn’t it?
What was even more astonishing was finding his soul-mate among the many lawless. He was thrilled, until he realized Zechariah was in no way interested in bonding with him. Without Zech, Kyson would be forever a criminal, living below the law. How was he to survive like that? And how come Zech didn’t realize his refusal to bond was slowly killing Kyson?
Zechariah grew up with parents and entire community that didn’t believe in the religious zealot’s doctrine that every human needed a soul-mate to live. His father remembered the days before the law, when humans were allowed to be free and not relegated to compounds if their soul-mate wasn’t found by twenty.
When Kyson showed up, Zech was confused at the pull in his mind, and the overwhelming emotions he could feel from the other man. He hid his discovery, afraid his father would drive Kyson away.
When Kyson called them soul-mates, Zech refused to believe him, refused to bond. He didn’t want to be tied to another, it wasn’t right. He didn’t care that if he bonded with Kyson, they would be free to live anywhere instead of hidden away, dredging an existence where life was dangerous and unpredictable.

He didn’t have a choice when their refuge was raided, but despite completing the bond, they were still ripped apart. That was when Zech learned just how important having a soul-mate was, and how far he was willing to go to have Kyson back. 

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WIP - The Dealer of Love

Jones Amore has been around for centuries, doling out love to the hapless humans that can’t seem to find their soul mates on their own. But every time he completes a match, he grows weaker. Now in the 21st century, he’s beyond exhausted, and wonders if he will ever be granted a love of his own. He knows, if he finds a man to love him, the power that’s waning within him will be recharged.
But the fates are not kind to a minor deity as himself. To them, he has a job, and his own emotions are not important. But Jones, known to the humans as Cupid, won’t be able to continue to spread love when it’s being stripped from him by his own loneliness.
Then, much to his surprise, he’s granted the gift of finding his own soul mate, with one stipulation—no using his powers. But as hard as it is to match up humans, he’s finding it even harder, if not impossible to find the love of his life. And, knowing he’s immortal just makes it that much more of a challenge.
Then he meets Calloway, a man who is only half human, yet doesn’t seem to know that. Calloway’s angel half manifests itself in the kind deeds that Calloway does without thought. Jones wants him, but Calloway already has a lover. How can Jones claim the man, and hope that Calloway falls in love with him, if he can’t use his powers?
And he’s running out of time, growing weaker as the weeks go by. If he can’t convince Calloway that he’s the man for him, he will eventually cease to exist, and love will be lost to humanity.

WIP - Club of Love (Book 4 of Service Men series)

MacKenzie Forbes knew he was out of control. Clubbing every night, spending money left and right, ignoring his family and popping up on the celebrity rags every other day. He was bored, and lonely. And partying at least gave him a sense of belonging, even if all those around him were there for what he could buy for them.
His favorite club, Tone 12, was the hot spot for the rich and famous, white collar bad boys and the many celebutante women. MacKenzie fit right in, never going home alone and dragging both women and men to his bed to sleep with.
It was one night, after partying just a little too much, that he got up close and personal with Levin James, one of the bouncers. But instead of kicking him out, Levin took him to his apartment to sleep off the alcohol and drugs. MacKenzie should have been grateful, but his obnoxious attitude shown through the next morning when he demanded Levin take him back to his Ferrari so he could go home and unable to remember if they’d slept together.
It didn’t stop him from going to Tone 12, and slowly, he got to know the big man that for some unknown reason, liked to watch over him like a body guard. That was when he realized, Levin was not single, at least not from the way he and Nash, the head bartender flirted with each other. Tone 12 was not a gay club, but no one seemed to mind when two men or two women danced together, or made out in the booths.
But what bothered MacKenzie the most was the jealousy that filled him when he saw the two gorgeous men together. What he wouldn’t give to have a man look at him like that, to love him for himself and not the money he had.
His sadness and loneliness, not to mention the jealousy and envy made him reckless, spiraling into heavier drinking, and drug use. Until one night, he was confronted by Levin and told he would either have to stop getting wasted or be banned from the club.

It was Nash who found him behind the club, sitting in his own vomit and took him home…to Levin’s apartment. That’s when things changed for MacKenzie, and he learned that it wasn’t one man he wanted, but two. And neither one of them gave a damn that he was loaded. 

WIP - Mansion of Love (Book 3 of Service Men series)

Blaine was exceedingly grateful for getting out of the position he held for ten years. As butler to the MacIntaughs, his life had been a living hell. They were a Jerry Springer family if there ever was one, despite being extremely wealthy.
Now, he was two months into working for the Whinthorps. They were a great family, not droning on about the money they had, and they were well beyond the financial tax bracket of the MacIntaughs.
But it was when their youngest son, Ellary, came home from college that things got complicated. Blaine had never advertised that he was gay, mostly because it might interfere with his job. But he couldn’t ignore the attraction he felt for Ellary.
He wondered if maybe he might have to resign his position as the family butler, especially when he found out the attraction was mutual. Ellary was the darling of the family, and Blaine was pretty sure they wouldn’t appreciate Ellary going to bed with the butler. Blaine knew his place. He also knew it would look really bad since he was so much older than Ellary.
Ellary couldn’t have been happier that Chauncy had retired and his mom had hired a new butler. Chauncy was quite homophobic, though he kept it hidden from Ellary’s parents. Now Ellary wouldn’t have to sequester himself in his room to stay away from the old butler.
But when he met Blaine, his relief that Chauncy was gone morphed into something entirely different. Blaine was stunningly gorgeous, and extremely good at his job. He was also fifteen years older than Ellary’s twenty-three.
Age aside, Ellary could see that Blaine was struggling with an attraction of his own. And what would his aristocratic mother and CEO father think of Ellary dating their butler?

Ellary also had a kink that none of his family knew about, and he wasn’t sure what Blaine would think if he ever found out.

WIP - Resort of Love (Book 2 of Service Men series)

Griff Wilkenson felt he was losing his touch. A ski instructor, his patience for teaching the rich and famous how to ski was getting shorter and shorter.
That is until he met Flynn Montgomery. The man was as klutzy as any Griff had seen, yet he held an innocence and exuberance that was refreshing. He truly wanted to learn how to ski, and ski well. Griff was smitten enough to have all the patience in the world for the gorgeous man.
But, despite Flynn’s sweet personality, and desire to learn from Griff, his family was another story. Older brother Godfrey, and his two sisters, not to mention his snobby mother and powerful father kept getting in the way of Griff’s pursuit of the guy. And the way they treated Flynn made Griff angry.
It didn’t help that the Montgomerys owned Winter Haven Resort, where Griff worked. Any wrong move on his part could mean his job. And if they realized that Griff was not only gay, but interested in Flynn, he would not only be fired, but probably run out of Winter Haven Village altogether.
He wondered if Flynn was worth the risk. As attracted as he was, could he endanger his livelihood for the chance at love?
Flynn couldn’t believe the attention the ski instructor was giving him. He’d been sure he’d be lumped in with the little kids on the bunny slope, since he couldn’t seem to master even the most basic skiing skills.
He wasn’t complaining. Griff Wilkensen was gorgeous and confident. Things Flynn wished he were. He really liked the other man, but was wary in showing any interest since his entire family was here for their annual vacation.
Not wanting to get Griff in any kind of trouble he tried to keep their encounters professional and friendly. But it was hard, when the ski instructor made Flynn’s already klutzy self even worse. And, despite wanting to crawl into bed with the guy, he really wanted to learn to ski.
He only hoped…when the lessons were over, he could still see the ski instructor—without his family around.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIP - Laramie's Chaos

Lynen is the youngest of his family. Power grows within him, but he won’t know whether it is Alpha, Beta, Omega, or the rare Delta power like his uncle’s, until he comes of age at twenty-five. That’s five long years from now.

Things in their pack have drastically changed since the old Alpha drove out his Delta son, Lynen’s Uncle Gil. Now, Lynen’s father is Alpha and the pack laws have gotten worse than ever.

But what Lynen hates more than anything is the humans that inhabit their remote compound. Humans that are the male shifter’s pets…or slaves as far as Lynen is concerned. Once upon a time, humans were forbidden within shifter compounds. For the humans, that was better than the subjugation they now face.

Lynen wants to leave, to find another pack. A pack that is away from his father’s far reach. But he can’t. Not until he comes of age. And what then? He will be presented with his own pet. Something Lynen doesn’t want.

What he wants most, is to find his Uncle Gil. But the last time he saw his uncle was during the Sodalis, and that was seven years ago, when Lynen was barely a pup. He didn’t know where his uncle was and what if Gil didn’t want him? What would he do then?


Laramie was livid that Gil had let, yet another, shifter into their small pack without consulting him. He was the Alpha! But Gil did what he wanted, something Laramie both admired and hated.

The only saving grace was, with Gil’s Delta powers, he could weed out any shifters with dubious intents or malice in their hearts. A handy skill to have, as far as Laramie was concerned.

But this latest shifter had Laramie’s hackles rising. He didn’t like him. He smelled funny. Like he wasn’t pure wolf, though Gil had assured him, Matthias was all shifter. Laramie didn’t have a lot of patience, something he was working on, but he had even less with Matthias.

It wasn’t until Gil’s nephew, Lynen showed up that they figured out why Matthias felt different. Bad enough that Laramie had to deal with a Delta mate, not that he’d trade his bond to Gil, or Jeriah, for anything on earth, but now he had a Morgan in his midst. A shifter kind thought to be extinct. Morgan shifters had no powers of their own, but the innate ability to enhance the power within other wolves. And, much to Laramie’s alarm, to force shifts.

And Lynen didn’t come alone. Much to Laramie’s annoyance, he brought a human and a half-breed boy with him and Laramie’s patience was running out.

A Morgan was not a wolf he wanted in his pack, but Gil was adamant that Matthias remain, especially after finding out Matthias was Lynen’s mate. Laramie wasn’t sure what to do, though, when it appeared Lynen, and Matthias, were oblivious to the mating pull. And what was he supposed to do with the human and the little half-breed?

Laramie and Jeriah were both at a loss when Lynen told Gil what was happening in his home pack, causing Gil to emotionally retreat. Laramie knew guilt ate at his mate. Gil was the prince of wolf shifters, and Laramie was certain he felt it his obligation to stop the kidnapping and enslavement of the humans.

And to make things even worse, Laramie’s brother, now Alpha of the Wyoming pack, had a vendetta against him for killing their father and had put a price on Laramie’s head.

Where was the peace he had so desperately wanted?

WIP - The Lottery

Jenner Calabria had won the lottery. But win was not a word Jen would associate with what was to become of him. An alliance with the Adredules was all well and fine, but he wanted nothing to do with it. He’d had no choice. Because he was twenty-two, he’d had to draw for the lottery.
Earth Global, to placate the rulers of Adredule, were to provide a consort for the royal house. A human. Jenner.
Jen was somewhat familiar with the ‘Dules, since his former boss was one. But Adredules were ugly! They were bi-pedal, like humans, but that was where any similarity ended. Abnormally tall, hairless, with only three fingers and toes, skin like leather, and eyes that reminded him of the old, extinct crocodiles, Jen feared the worse. And to top it off, Jen preferred males.
He only hoped, when he reached Adredule, that he could remember all the rituals, rules and laws…and go through with the mating.
Te’Dalrian was incised that his father, the emperor of Adredule would make an alliance with the Terran humans. Te’Dalrian was perfectly capable of finding his own consort, thank you very much! But the deal had been struck, and he was trapped into a mating with a being he knew nothing about.
His only salvation was his father knowing he preferred males. He’d been assured that the consort picked would be a man. He still wasn’t happy. Humans were strange beings, not that Te’Dalrian had ever actually seen one. But he’d heard about them. And what he’d heard made him shudder with revulsion.

But when his new consort arrived, Te’Dalrian was surprised, and pleased with the man they had selected, Jenner Calabria. He was gorgeous…for a human. Now, if he could only get Jenner to cooperate.

Monday, May 26, 2014

WIP - The Legend of Broken Fang

Everyone in Austin’s small world had heard the legend of Broken Fang. Austin believed the myths, but his twin, Artis didn’t. Most shifters thought it nothing more than a fable, a superstition to keep young shifters in their place.
But when Austin became an adult, his Omega status cemented, the legend of Broken Fang faded into childhood memories. Being an Omega was hard enough as it was, the emotions of the pack driving everything else from Austin’s mind. Austin’s link to his twin severed when Artis challenged their cruel uncle and became Alpha.
Life changed with Artis leading the pack, his brother unsure of himself even after winning the challenge, the pack seeing him as weak and ineffectual. Some of the stronger wolves manipulated Artis, using him and causing havoc and violence in the pack. All that ended the day a very strong Alpha entered their territory.
MaCraye was big and powerful, but didn’t seem interested in helping their small pack, even when Austin encouraged Artis to talk to MaCraye. Austin could feel the potency rolling off the stranger. An immense power pulling on him as no other alpha did. He didn’t understand it, and it wasn’t likely he ever would with MaCraye turning his back on them.  
MaCraye wanted to run and run far when he felt the Omega that was destined to be his mate—again. Five centuries and he’d avoided the pull, a fate he didn’t want, not after losing Terric. He’d managed to avoid his reputation as well, hiding until most shifters who knew who Broken Fang was died out, or forgot him. His infamy fading into obscurity.
But the bond of a mate would bring it all back. The power running through him would increase, and his destiny would grip him, forcing him to lead the shifters of the world into a better, brighter future. A responsibility he didn’t want. Look what happened last time?
But he couldn’t abandon this Omega, especially with a brother that wasn’t strong enough to lead. Did they not know that this—Artis?—was not an alpha? Had shifters gotten so complacent that they allowed any common shifter to lead their packs? Did they even realize there were no true alphas in their pack? The prophecy had foretold of a day when alphas would cease to exist, but MaCraye hadn’t believed it, until now.
Without a choice, he was going to have to be there for the Omega, for his mate. He only hoped when the shifter found out exactly what that meant, he wouldn’t abandon MaCraye and was strong enough to not go mad and take his own life, as Terric had.