Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIP - Laramie's Chaos

Lynen is the youngest of his family. Power grows within him, but he won’t know whether it is Alpha, Beta, Omega, or the rare Delta power like his uncle’s, until he comes of age at twenty-five. That’s five long years from now.

Things in their pack have drastically changed since the old Alpha drove out his Delta son, Lynen’s Uncle Gil. Now, Lynen’s father is Alpha and the pack laws have gotten worse than ever.

But what Lynen hates more than anything is the humans that inhabit their remote compound. Humans that are the male shifter’s pets…or slaves as far as Lynen is concerned. Once upon a time, humans were forbidden within shifter compounds. For the humans, that was better than the subjugation they now face.

Lynen wants to leave, to find another pack. A pack that is away from his father’s far reach. But he can’t. Not until he comes of age. And what then? He will be presented with his own pet. Something Lynen doesn’t want.

What he wants most, is to find his Uncle Gil. But the last time he saw his uncle was during the Sodalis, and that was seven years ago, when Lynen was barely a pup. He didn’t know where his uncle was and what if Gil didn’t want him? What would he do then?


Laramie was livid that Gil had let, yet another, shifter into their small pack without consulting him. He was the Alpha! But Gil did what he wanted, something Laramie both admired and hated.

The only saving grace was, with Gil’s Delta powers, he could weed out any shifters with dubious intents or malice in their hearts. A handy skill to have, as far as Laramie was concerned.

But this latest shifter had Laramie’s hackles rising. He didn’t like him. He smelled funny. Like he wasn’t pure wolf, though Gil had assured him, Matthias was all shifter. Laramie didn’t have a lot of patience, something he was working on, but he had even less with Matthias.

It wasn’t until Gil’s nephew, Lynen showed up that they figured out why Matthias felt different. Bad enough that Laramie had to deal with a Delta mate, not that he’d trade his bond to Gil, or Jeriah, for anything on earth, but now he had a Morgan in his midst. A shifter kind thought to be extinct. Morgan shifters had no powers of their own, but the innate ability to enhance the power within other wolves. And, much to Laramie’s alarm, to force shifts.

And Lynen didn’t come alone. Much to Laramie’s annoyance, he brought a human and a half-breed boy with him and Laramie’s patience was running out.

A Morgan was not a wolf he wanted in his pack, but Gil was adamant that Matthias remain, especially after finding out Matthias was Lynen’s mate. Laramie wasn’t sure what to do, though, when it appeared Lynen, and Matthias, were oblivious to the mating pull. And what was he supposed to do with the human and the little half-breed?

Laramie and Jeriah were both at a loss when Lynen told Gil what was happening in his home pack, causing Gil to emotionally retreat. Laramie knew guilt ate at his mate. Gil was the prince of wolf shifters, and Laramie was certain he felt it his obligation to stop the kidnapping and enslavement of the humans.

And to make things even worse, Laramie’s brother, now Alpha of the Wyoming pack, had a vendetta against him for killing their father and had put a price on Laramie’s head.

Where was the peace he had so desperately wanted?

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