Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIP - The Lottery

Jenner Calabria had won the lottery. But win was not a word Jen would associate with what was to become of him. An alliance with the Adredules was all well and fine, but he wanted nothing to do with it. He’d had no choice. Because he was twenty-two, he’d had to draw for the lottery.
Earth Global, to placate the rulers of Adredule, were to provide a consort for the royal house. A human. Jenner.
Jen was somewhat familiar with the ‘Dules, since his former boss was one. But Adredules were ugly! They were bi-pedal, like humans, but that was where any similarity ended. Abnormally tall, hairless, with only three fingers and toes, skin like leather, and eyes that reminded him of the old, extinct crocodiles, Jen feared the worse. And to top it off, Jen preferred males.
He only hoped, when he reached Adredule, that he could remember all the rituals, rules and laws…and go through with the mating.
Te’Dalrian was incised that his father, the emperor of Adredule would make an alliance with the Terran humans. Te’Dalrian was perfectly capable of finding his own consort, thank you very much! But the deal had been struck, and he was trapped into a mating with a being he knew nothing about.
His only salvation was his father knowing he preferred males. He’d been assured that the consort picked would be a man. He still wasn’t happy. Humans were strange beings, not that Te’Dalrian had ever actually seen one. But he’d heard about them. And what he’d heard made him shudder with revulsion.

But when his new consort arrived, Te’Dalrian was surprised, and pleased with the man they had selected, Jenner Calabria. He was gorgeous…for a human. Now, if he could only get Jenner to cooperate.

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