Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIP - Resort of Love (Book 2 of Service Men series)

Griff Wilkenson felt he was losing his touch. A ski instructor, his patience for teaching the rich and famous how to ski was getting shorter and shorter.
That is until he met Flynn Montgomery. The man was as klutzy as any Griff had seen, yet he held an innocence and exuberance that was refreshing. He truly wanted to learn how to ski, and ski well. Griff was smitten enough to have all the patience in the world for the gorgeous man.
But, despite Flynn’s sweet personality, and desire to learn from Griff, his family was another story. Older brother Godfrey, and his two sisters, not to mention his snobby mother and powerful father kept getting in the way of Griff’s pursuit of the guy. And the way they treated Flynn made Griff angry.
It didn’t help that the Montgomerys owned Winter Haven Resort, where Griff worked. Any wrong move on his part could mean his job. And if they realized that Griff was not only gay, but interested in Flynn, he would not only be fired, but probably run out of Winter Haven Village altogether.
He wondered if Flynn was worth the risk. As attracted as he was, could he endanger his livelihood for the chance at love?
Flynn couldn’t believe the attention the ski instructor was giving him. He’d been sure he’d be lumped in with the little kids on the bunny slope, since he couldn’t seem to master even the most basic skiing skills.
He wasn’t complaining. Griff Wilkensen was gorgeous and confident. Things Flynn wished he were. He really liked the other man, but was wary in showing any interest since his entire family was here for their annual vacation.
Not wanting to get Griff in any kind of trouble he tried to keep their encounters professional and friendly. But it was hard, when the ski instructor made Flynn’s already klutzy self even worse. And, despite wanting to crawl into bed with the guy, he really wanted to learn to ski.
He only hoped…when the lessons were over, he could still see the ski instructor—without his family around.

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