Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIP - The Dealer of Love

Jones Amore has been around for centuries, doling out love to the hapless humans that can’t seem to find their soul mates on their own. But every time he completes a match, he grows weaker. Now in the 21st century, he’s beyond exhausted, and wonders if he will ever be granted a love of his own. He knows, if he finds a man to love him, the power that’s waning within him will be recharged.
But the fates are not kind to a minor deity as himself. To them, he has a job, and his own emotions are not important. But Jones, known to the humans as Cupid, won’t be able to continue to spread love when it’s being stripped from him by his own loneliness.
Then, much to his surprise, he’s granted the gift of finding his own soul mate, with one stipulation—no using his powers. But as hard as it is to match up humans, he’s finding it even harder, if not impossible to find the love of his life. And, knowing he’s immortal just makes it that much more of a challenge.
Then he meets Calloway, a man who is only half human, yet doesn’t seem to know that. Calloway’s angel half manifests itself in the kind deeds that Calloway does without thought. Jones wants him, but Calloway already has a lover. How can Jones claim the man, and hope that Calloway falls in love with him, if he can’t use his powers?
And he’s running out of time, growing weaker as the weeks go by. If he can’t convince Calloway that he’s the man for him, he will eventually cease to exist, and love will be lost to humanity.

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