Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIP - Club of Love (Book 4 of Service Men series)

MacKenzie Forbes knew he was out of control. Clubbing every night, spending money left and right, ignoring his family and popping up on the celebrity rags every other day. He was bored, and lonely. And partying at least gave him a sense of belonging, even if all those around him were there for what he could buy for them.
His favorite club, Tone 12, was the hot spot for the rich and famous, white collar bad boys and the many celebutante women. MacKenzie fit right in, never going home alone and dragging both women and men to his bed to sleep with.
It was one night, after partying just a little too much, that he got up close and personal with Levin James, one of the bouncers. But instead of kicking him out, Levin took him to his apartment to sleep off the alcohol and drugs. MacKenzie should have been grateful, but his obnoxious attitude shown through the next morning when he demanded Levin take him back to his Ferrari so he could go home and unable to remember if they’d slept together.
It didn’t stop him from going to Tone 12, and slowly, he got to know the big man that for some unknown reason, liked to watch over him like a body guard. That was when he realized, Levin was not single, at least not from the way he and Nash, the head bartender flirted with each other. Tone 12 was not a gay club, but no one seemed to mind when two men or two women danced together, or made out in the booths.
But what bothered MacKenzie the most was the jealousy that filled him when he saw the two gorgeous men together. What he wouldn’t give to have a man look at him like that, to love him for himself and not the money he had.
His sadness and loneliness, not to mention the jealousy and envy made him reckless, spiraling into heavier drinking, and drug use. Until one night, he was confronted by Levin and told he would either have to stop getting wasted or be banned from the club.

It was Nash who found him behind the club, sitting in his own vomit and took him home…to Levin’s apartment. That’s when things changed for MacKenzie, and he learned that it wasn’t one man he wanted, but two. And neither one of them gave a damn that he was loaded. 

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