Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIP - Mansion of Love (Book 3 of Service Men series)

Blaine was exceedingly grateful for getting out of the position he held for ten years. As butler to the MacIntaughs, his life had been a living hell. They were a Jerry Springer family if there ever was one, despite being extremely wealthy.
Now, he was two months into working for the Whinthorps. They were a great family, not droning on about the money they had, and they were well beyond the financial tax bracket of the MacIntaughs.
But it was when their youngest son, Ellary, came home from college that things got complicated. Blaine had never advertised that he was gay, mostly because it might interfere with his job. But he couldn’t ignore the attraction he felt for Ellary.
He wondered if maybe he might have to resign his position as the family butler, especially when he found out the attraction was mutual. Ellary was the darling of the family, and Blaine was pretty sure they wouldn’t appreciate Ellary going to bed with the butler. Blaine knew his place. He also knew it would look really bad since he was so much older than Ellary.
Ellary couldn’t have been happier that Chauncy had retired and his mom had hired a new butler. Chauncy was quite homophobic, though he kept it hidden from Ellary’s parents. Now Ellary wouldn’t have to sequester himself in his room to stay away from the old butler.
But when he met Blaine, his relief that Chauncy was gone morphed into something entirely different. Blaine was stunningly gorgeous, and extremely good at his job. He was also fifteen years older than Ellary’s twenty-three.
Age aside, Ellary could see that Blaine was struggling with an attraction of his own. And what would his aristocratic mother and CEO father think of Ellary dating their butler?

Ellary also had a kink that none of his family knew about, and he wasn’t sure what Blaine would think if he ever found out.

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