Sunday, October 26, 2014

WIP - Untitled Shifter4

Tobiah Jorgenson has a quiet life as a meteorologist for the small town of Minot, North Dakota. He lives several miles northwest of the town near the northern border to the Upper Souris National Wildlife Rescue. 
Except for the occasional trips into Minot for supplies, Tobiah keeps to himself. His well aware the townsfolk consider him a recluse, a strange hermit that no one really knows.
That suits Tobiah just fine. Thanks to an attack three years ago, he isn’t someone that anyone would want to know. He’s a monster.
Much to his chagrin, his quiet life is suddenly shattered by the appearance of two young men. Both are dirty, starving…and naked. Tobiah’s first instinct is to turn them away. But he can’t, even if it’s dangerous for them to be in his home.
What he learns throws his world into chaos.
Pike and his brother Fenn were desperate. Kicked out of their pack by a sadistic Alpha, they grab their brother Knute and run. It’s killing Pike that he can’t provide for his little brothers, but none of them are old enough to shift yet, so can’t hunt to fill their bellies.
When they stumble across a large cabin, Pike makes the decision to seek help. Fenn refuses to let Pike go alone, but they hide Knute in the forest surrounding the place until they make sure it’s safe.
Pike relaxes when he scents that the man in the cabin is a created one. Except Tobiah seems to fear what he is, even as he tries to keep it a secret from Pike. But he’s agreed to help them.
The longer they are there, the more agitated Tobiah becomes, until he disappears into the forest. Left alone, Pike retrieves Knute and waits. Except time runs out when he goes through his first shift.
Then things get complicated. Because Pike realizes…Tobiah is a Nyingi Alpha and is not only his mate, but mate to his brothers, and he’s not sure how he feels about that.

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