Sunday, October 26, 2014

WIP - Untitled scifi m-m

Darial Alloway knew something was strange about his life. For one, except for the people he knew, he never saw others; no one came to the small compound where he’d lived his whole life. For another was the security. Were they in danger? Or were they a danger to others?
Darial would never hurt another, though he had to admit, his twin Diathi was a different story. Diathi had a temper. A bad one. Anything would set him off and he was ushered to his room and secured there until he calmed down. At least when Darial wasn’t around. If he was there, he was able to calm his brother within seconds. He was the only one who could.
It wasn’t until he was older that he started questioning things. Like, why did he and Diathi look nothing like the woman who claimed to be their mother? And why did they not know their father? Had he abandoned them? Was Diathi too much for the man to handle?
And, most important, at least to Darial, was how to find answers to the questions that filled his mind. If he asked, he was told he didn’t need to know such things. He’d scored the library for answers, only to come up empty. He’d tried to get his hands on one of the many computers, but most had passwords he didn’t know. His own class computer was useless.
Things changed the day his home was invaded by strangers. In all the chaos, he and Diathi were forgotten. Once the dust settled, they found nothing left. Equipment smashed, rooms abandoned, silence reigning. Darial didn’t know what to do, and Diathi seemed to be in shock, his brother unresponsive.
Darial’s only solution was to leave the only home they’d ever known. How they were going to survive was a mystery.
Sayer Morgenson was pleased he’d finally been able to buy the large plot of land he’d been living on for the last five years. That he was lonely didn’t matter. He was free from the conglomerate that he’d discovered was experimenting on humans. He wanted no part of that, despite not being human himself. It was atrocious what the scientists of his species were doing, and he couldn’t even report them since they were backed by the government. How sick was that?
His quiet, secluded life was shattered the day two young men stumbled upon his cabin. They were emaciated, hurt and scared. Sayer couldn’t possibly turn them away. And thanks to his alien abilities, he knew they were not as they seemed.
It wasn’t until weeks later, after Darial had healed that he discovered what they were. Experiments. Once human, but not anymore. And they seemed to be oblivious to that fact. Sayer struggled with the conundrum he found himself in. Should he tell them what he believed? Or help them and then let them move on?
Especially since he was quite attracted to Darial. Not that Diathi would allow anything to develop between them. He’d never seen such a volatile person, and highly protective of his brother. Stood to reason since their minds were interchangeable, even if their personalities had been split unbalanced.
The choice was taken from him when he learned the attraction was mutual. Darial didn’t want to leave, and Diathi stayed wherever his brother was. But how was he to develop a relationship with Darial, who was soft, kind, loving and affectionate, when it was Diathi that carried the passion, strength, loyalty and determination?  
And how would they react when they learned that Sayer was not only not human, but the same species that had changed them?

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