Monday, October 27, 2014

WIP - Untitled Vampire

Valyn Ambrogio was not happy to be what he was. Soon, the time would come for his first feeding and once that happened, there was no going back. Not that he could change the fact that he was a vampire, and a prince at that, even if he wanted to.
He also wasn’t thrilled to know that Baldassare would be bonded to him. The older vamp was conditioned to be his protector, but Valyn couldn’t stand the guy. He was voracious when feeding, turning Valyn’s stomach.
Then there was his friendship with Chesten Murray, a human. A friendship that Valyn wished was so much more. Chesten didn’t know what Valyn was, and he had to keep that secret. There was no doubt that Chesten wouldn’t understand and would be scared of him.
That secret didn’t last when Valyn’s need to feed snuck up on him and he lost control, in front of his best friend. Chesten ran and shut Valyn out, refusing to see him or talk to him so he could explain.
It was when Baldassare found out Chesten knew about Valyn that things got complicated. Valyn couldn’t let Baldassare hurt Chesten, much less kill him. But how he was supposed to keep Chesten safe when his bond to Baldassare was completed after he fed?
And how was he to live for an eternity knowing the man he loved thought him a monster?
Chesten Murray had harbored a huge crush on his best friend, Valyn since the day he met the other man. Valyn was so damn gorgeous and had a fragility to him that drew Chesten in like a moth to flame.
Valyn was a fascinating contradiction to Chesten. Seemingly strong, yet vulnerable. He didn’t understand it, but didn’t care. His heart wanted the other man, and his body too.
It was when Chesten witnessed Valyn attacking someone that his impression of his friend was shattered, along with his heart. He knew what his eyes had seen, and even if he didn’t want to believe it, Chesten realized, the man he cared about was a monster.

How was he supposed to live with that knowledge and the heartache that came with it?

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