Sunday, October 26, 2014

WIP - Untitled Dom

Vicente Soriano is a bitter and dangerous man. By day, he is a prosecutor for the Attorney General’s office, merciless and almost inhuman. At night? At night he is a Dom at Chains, one of the darker dungeon clubs in the city. Acquaintances in all aspects of his life call him “sir”.
He has put away hundreds of criminals, and has at least that many enemies. He is ruthless, hard and unforgiving. His mind is sharp, his tongue sharper and he’s almost vicious in prosecuting the derelicts and scum that think they can bypass the law and get away with their crimes. He has earned the respect of law enforcement, but it doesn’t matter to him.
Subs fear him, yet clamor to do scenes with him. Other Dom’s avoid him. No one at Chains knows his real identity. He wears a mask, uses only “Sir” and is considered a cold and calculating Dom. And what has made him the way he is?
Someone out in the cruel world killed his family…
Ronan Dyer is not at all sure about the placing of Marianna Soriano’s children with her brother. The man was an unfeeling machine. Even the cops who were investigating the death of Marianna didn’t have a lot to say about the man, other than he was good at what he did. No one really knew him.
Ronan figured, once Vicente Soriano was appraised of the situation, Ronan was going to have to find foster homes for the children. A man like Vicente wasn’t going to want to take on a four year old little boy and a six month old baby girl. Ronan couldn’t even picture it.
What he could picture irritated the crap out of him. Why the hell he was attracted to the man was a mystery. He was cold, arrogant, and controlling. And wickedly beautiful. Not even close to the usual men Ronan fancied. And the complete opposite of Ronan. He would do his duty by the Soriano children and then get the hell away from Vicente.
At least that’s what was supposed to happen…

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