Sunday, October 26, 2014

WIP - Untitled "fluff" contemporary

Emre Butler considered himself an ordinary guy; working at a small antiques store in downtown Crater Falls, a boyfriend here and there, plain face, average body, boring clothes.
All that changed when he rescued a man out of a car wreck. Now he was a hero. Suddenly he was special. He didn’t like it. Too much attention, too many eyes on him. But what was he supposed to do?
The man he’d rescued just before the car exploded was famous. As a matter of fact, Chet Dalenvers was a legend in the sports industry. Retired quarterback, philanthropist, activist. And probably the most gorgeous guy Emre had ever met.
And so out of Emre’s league…
Emre was uncomfortable with the shower of gratitude from Chet, especially when he could see—something—under all the posturing for the cameras and the world. It took some time, but Emre finally figured it out. Chet was lonely and depressed.
Well, Emre knew all about those emotions. Maybe, just maybe, he could alleviate Chet’s despondency. It certainly wouldn’t be a hardship to have some fun with the beautiful man.
It was a mistake…because Emre lost his heart. Now who was going to rescue him?
Chet was sure that his driver had something to do with wrecking his car, but he’d never have the chance to ask since the man died. Chet himself would be dead if it weren’t for Emre. Jesus, but the guy was as cute as he could be.
And certainly not interested in a washed up football player with a bad shoulder.
Not that Chet had come out publically. He could. He had no reason to hide, wasn’t scared for the world to know he preferred men. But what was the point when he’d be alone the rest of his life?
He made sure Emre understood how grateful he was that he’d saved Chet’s life. Even befriending him just to have some time to be close to the pretty man. Then came the night Chet would never forget. The night Emre became more than a friend.
Chet had had liaisons with men before, but nothing compared to the passion he felt with Emre. An adoration that was overwhelming.

Did Emre feel it too? Or would he eventual leave and break Chet’s heart?

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