Sunday, October 26, 2014

WIP - Untitled shifter3

Brigham Daniels couldn’t believe he’d gotten away from the sadistic bastard calling himself the Exterminator. A psychopath that had captured Brigham three long years ago and forced him to hunt down his own kind so the mad man could slaughter them. Men, women, cubs. Didn’t matter.
And despite the overwhelming guilt and self-loathing, he didn’t have a choice. Not with Marrick de Burgh, the Exterminator’s real name holding his little sister’s life over his head. Well, now Laria was gone, unable to take anymore of Marrick’s brutal advances.
Brigham had a new problem now. Where would he go? No pack would welcome him. He would either have to integrate himself in with humans, or reinvent himself in the supernatural community. He wasn’t looking forward to either. Free he might be, for now, but Marrick wouldn’t rest until he found him again, and Brigham didn’t want to endanger anyone else.
Three dead men and his bloodhound was loose. That was unacceptable. Marrick was already angry over Laria taking her own life, but he’d be damned if he would lose his hound. Nothing would stop him from finding the runaway wolf. And when he did find him, that mongrel was going to wish for death.
Kanon Farrance didn’t like the rumors he’d been hearing lately about a lone wolf close to his borders. Rogues were dangerous and Kanon’s pack had just merged with another and things were not settled yet. The Council was interfering, the former Alpha of the other pack was causing trouble, and his own pack was pressuring him to find a mate. This was so not the time to have a rogue sniffing around.

When three of his enforcers caught the man and brought him before Kanon, he was surprised to find his mate. However, something was wrong, because the man—Brigham—did nothing but beg to be let go. He would never say why he had to leave, and didn’t he feel the mating pull? Well, Kanon wasn’t letting the man go until he had answers. Answers that took a back seat when Kanon’s pack was attacked by a band of humans. 

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