Sunday, October 26, 2014

WIP - Skin Deep

Aleque never thought he’d resort to using an online service for dates, but finding a man who would accept his kink wasn’t easy.
The fetish sites were interesting, but unsatisfying. A substitute for something—someone—he wanted desperately to find. A man that would care for him the way he was.
Being an extreme masochist tended to scare men away, most thinking he needed a psychiatrist more than a lover. Aleque had been there, done that. He wasn’t sick, wasn’t mentally ill. He just got off on pain. His fetish was never to the point of endangering his life. He wasn’t suicidal in any way. So how do you explain that to someone?
And, more importantly, how do you find a man who would accept that part of him?
Kye wasn’t sure about the date he’d arranged off a dating service, but his sister had insisted he needed to get laid. Kye hated that she was right. He’d been without for a long time. But she didn’t know just what Kye was looking for.
He wasn’t a dom in the normal sense of the word. Dominant, certainly, but it wasn’t the control he was after. What really aroused him, his sister would never understand. No one would, which was why Kye kept that part of himself private.
Meeting Aleque was a dream come true, or so he thought. But even he, as into inflicting pain as he was, struggled with what Aleque craved. Could he be the man that Aleque needed to satisfy his desire for pain?
Could he live with what he did to make Aleque happy?

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