Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WIP - The Full Monty (Novella from Valley Love) - New

Benjamin “Bennie” Anderson knew deep down he was a submissive, but trying to explain that to his overprotective parents was more than he thought wise. He was just as glad they accepted his sexuality. Of course, that’s what made them so overprotective. That and what they thought was a gay bashing he’d taken outside a bar. A bar that specialized in BDSM. Bennie had made the mistake of going in without a collar. It hadn’t been a gay bashing that had injured him. It had been a mean, violent dominant that had bruised and broken Bennie. But still he craved to submit. Dreamed of finding a Dom worthy of his love, who would love him back.
When Dallin had found out what Darrin Brown had done to an un-collared sub in his club, Darrin had found out what a true Dom was. He wouldn’t be abusing any subs again, nor would he be welcomed in Dallin’s club. Dallin only hoped the young man would return, though he wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t. But Dallin’s luck held out and the sub that had enticed Darrin showed up. Battered and bruised and a cast on his arm, he was still here. Dallin had intended to apologize for the brutal treatment of Bennie at his establishment, but found himself drawn to the sub…in more ways than one.

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