Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP - Is Love Enough? (Sequel to The Reluctant Rent Boy) - Not started

Alistair loved Bastian more than life itself. But Bastian’s frustration was beginning to wear on them both. What did Bastian expect? Alistair didn’t want his lover going back to being what he once was. But that left nothing for Bastian to do….just as Bastian had told Hunter, his best friend. He’d gone from rent boy to kept boy. Something was going to have to give. Alistair was afraid that something would be their relationship.
To add insult to injury, Hunter has taken a turn for the worse, and Alistair is afraid Bastian’s frustration with his situation was going to turn to anger and disappointment at Alistair for failing to keep Hunter healthy. Alistair was doing the best he could, frantically searching for a cure to Hunter’s illness. He was working himself to death, something that wasn’t helping their relationship either.
Will the love between the two men stand up to the obstacles they face as Bastian tries to find his way in a new life and Alistair fights for Hunter’s life?

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