Friday, July 6, 2012

WIP - Ship of Love (Book 1 of Service Men series) - 4589 Word count

Kellen Jacobson loved his job. There was nothing like being on a huge cruise ship, visiting exotic locations all the days of the year. He’s not lonely. Not when he could have anyone he wanted, both staff and passengers. But lately he’d been feeling restless. He wanted more. A connection that seemed elusive given the environment he lived and worked in.
Benjamin “Benji” Salvatore couldn’t believe he’d let his parents talk him into taking this cruise with them. He had things to do. Ok, he was between jobs at the moment, but still. He had a life, well, needed a life. That his parents were trying to manage what little he did have didn’t sit well with Benji. Especially when they thought they would hook him up with some nice young lady to settle down with. Not going to happen.
Kellen had switched ships in the Royalty Cruise Line to help alleviate his restlessness. Maybe a change of scenery would settle his confusion. What he hadn’t expected, was to bump into, literally, one of the handsomest men he’d ever seen. And that was saying something with the rich and beautiful he was inundated with for the last three years. What he was going to do about it was a mystery. His attraction to the stunning man was distracting and Kellen wasn’t sure it was the kind of distraction he wanted.
Benji couldn’t get the man he’d nearly mowed over off his mind. He was exactly Benji’s type, but he was staff on the ship and most certainly not interested in Benji, nor even allowed any liaisons with the passengers. Benji didn’t want to get the man fired, but damn he’d like to get to know him better…in and out of bed.

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