Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WIP - The Beginning of Adam - 2263 word count

Adam was special. Adam was unique. Adam was the first human being born….evolved.
It is human nature to destroy that which is unknown. Fear is a very powerful motivator.
Layne Trents took his job seriously. A dangerous job, even if he didn’t know the specifics. To protect with his life, Project A101E. What A101E was, Layne didn’t know, nor did he care. He wasn’t being paid to care.
Then an organization calling themselves the Environs decided to make it their life’s mission to eradicate Project A101E and Layne’s job just got that much more dangerous. But when he found out what…or rather…who Project A101E was, his job became paramount and his life became more complicated than he ever imagined.

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