Monday, July 30, 2012

WIP - Love on Ice - 2117 word count

Ming Tso knew this would be his last chance to honor his family. His hidden disgrace egged him on to try for the gold, even if his body protested the brutal schedule. But his concentration had been badly shaken in the beautiful form an American curling member. The man was stunning and Ming’s shame intensified. But he couldn’t avoid the ice if he was to practice. So there was no avoiding the young American either. Ming couldn’t avoid the growing attraction either, nor the instinct to protect the younger man.
Deon Chandler was getting tired of the taunts and slurs from his fellow curling members. Yes, he was the youngest of the members, the youngest in Olympic history, at only twenty, but he was good at what he did. He wasn’t so good at keeping his temper though. Not when his preference for men made him a target for more than his fair share of bruises from not only other teams, but his own as well. Deon just wanted to win the gold and move on. What he was going to do after the Olympics were over was still up in the air. A future that faded to the back of his mind when he noticed a gorgeous man staring at him. He wore the China insignia. Deon’s last two boyfriends had been Asian. He loved the exotic looks. And this man was perfection. Deon didn’t know what to think, though. Surely the man wasn’t interested in him? But if he was, Deon would make sure he didn’t regret it.

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