Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP - Outcast for Love - 1141 word count

My inspiration for Lathan, a fallen angel.


Lathan did the unthinkable. He fell in love with a fellow angel. He fell in love with Samael, the Archangel of death himself. An emotion forbidden in the heavenly realm. Now, Lathan finds himself banished from heaven, His Most High angry and disappointed in him.

Accompanying Lathan to earth is the Archangel Scribe, Enoch. Though Lathan is only two decades into his wings, Enoch has been around for longer than even the other angels know. As time passes, and dangers lurk, Lathan finds himself being drawn to the enigmatic and quiet Archangel.

Enoch's compassion for the young Lathan is boundless. He questions the Creator's decision to cast the young one aside. Lathan's capacity for good runs deep. Enoch senses it without effort, so why did His Most High abandon the young angel?

As Enoch guides and protects Lathan in his banishment, he begins to feel more for the young angel. Closer and closer they get as Lathan learns to trust Enoch and his protection and Enoch learns to feel again.

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