Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP - Untitled WIP Inspirations Pictures

Inspiration for Dominique, an international award winning surfer that has a secret he hopes never gets out... 

Mani, Safari guide in India

Inspiration for Draven Marshall, one half of my military story

Annall, Leader of the Vampire Hunters...half-breed vampire (a deep secret)...falls for the Master of the Race and hates it! Spends his life persuing the Master, only to be caught himself... 

Year: 2720 Earth. One of the last civilized vampires on Terra and the salvation of both vampire and human existence. Name: Lazarus, half-breed, sunwalker, healing powers, and major attitude...

Inspiration for Griffith Leone, a vampire soldier

Laise de MacGregor, King of Scotland, with a dark secret to ease a lonely heart...

Captured dark angel - Antioc

Brazilian Heat - a hot vacation for a lonely man who lost his love - Keane

A demon possessed warrior who's always in trouble - Edon


  1. Replies
    1. Sharing the photos that inspire stories. These won't come along for a while yet, but I already have outlines for them. :)

  2. *eyes my Carah*
    So, how are Brett and Cassidy?