Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WIP - The Newbie (Fairy Tails, Book 1) - 192 Word count

Fairy Tails is a series, with a minimum of seven books, that will encompass the lives and loves of the dancers/singers/drag queens and strippers that work at the club, Fairy Tails.

Book 1 - The Newbie

Darl had always dreamed of working at a Club like Fairy Tails. He was sure it would be the one place he would be accepted for who he was; what he was.

Kicked out for being gay, and probably looking better in his mother's cocktail dress and pearls than she ever could, Darl despaired, until a flyer, dirty, wrinkled and torn, blowing in the wind caught his attention.

"Amateur Audition Night at Fairy Tails: Bring your inner diva and dance, sing or bare it all for the enjoyment of our patrons. Make us love you, darling, and you become part of our family AND receive a premier lineup the first Friday of every month for your first year being a Fairy Tail!"

What Darl hadn't anticipated was how well received "Darla" would be. Nor the interest the silent partner would have in him. But Darl wasn't there to gain a boyfriend or lover. He was there to sing and be the best Drag Queen San Francisco had ever seen.

Gavin had always been proud of the investment he made in Leslie's club. He knew, without a doubt, it would be a success. And it was. He just didn't feel like dirtying his hands with the every day to day running of the place. But that didn't stop him from spending many nights in one of the VIP booths, enjoying the shows.

Amateur night was one of his favorites. To see the hopeful wannabes strutting their stuff and trying to get the all important 'nod' from Leslie. It didn't happen often, his business partner was a very, very exacting man, but every once in a while, real talent showed up for the auditions.

Amateur night was the first time Gavin laid eyes on Darl McPhearson, the man that was destined to steal his heart. That was also the night Gavin learned that money couldn't buy everything and that he was going to have to earn Darl's love, one baby step at a time.

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