Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - The A-Lister - New

Movie critic Gregory Hanson had loved his job. How many people could say all they had to do is watch movies and tell people what they thought of it, good or bad? And get paid for it? Well, used to get paid for it…
A day came when it wasn’t so fun anymore. The day a certain A-list movie star got pissed at him and sued him for slander. Gregory didn’t have the money to fight the suit—and lost everything.
He lost his job, his house, his car—his wife. She took their son and moved away, stating she wouldn’t stay with a loser. That only made Gregory madder at his predicament since he wasn’t a loser to her as long as he was making money.
But what really ticked Gregory off was the day of the hearing for restitution. He just assumed, since the star was so big, that he wouldn’t show. That his high-priced lawyers would be there and that’s all. He was wrong. Not only was the star there, but Gregory’s reaction to him was a shocker.
Sure, the guy was stunningly handsome, talented too. Gregory’s critique of the movie the man had been in hadn’t reflected on his acting in any way, even if the spoiled man thought so. It was Gregory’s attraction to the man that left him confused and flabbergasted.
But what came as even more of a shock was the actor’s demeanor. Not once did he look anyone in the eye. He said nothing as his lawyers babbled on, keeping his head down. Was he that conceited? Or was he simply bored? Or was something more happening here? Gregory’s confusion grew, but there wasn’t much he could do about it.
Garrett Middleton was not happy with his agent, or his publisher and certainly not his lawyers. He’d read that critique and it wasn’t hard to figure out it was the movie, and not Garrett’s performance that the man tore down. Garrett couldn’t blame him. He’d been wangled into the film to begin with, his agent thinking it was going to be the next big blockbuster.
It hadn’t. As a matter of fact, it was probably the worst movie Garrett had ever starred in. He hated it as much as the film critique did and wished he’d never done it. Now he was sitting in a court room, knowing the man sitting near him was ruined. The guilt ate at him.
He’d also been told in no uncertain terms to keep his mouth shut and not draw attention to himself. Garrett gave an internal snort. Of course not. No one, from the paparazzi to his audience to his fellow actors had ever heard Garrett’s speaking voice, his own voice. The one that stuttered so badly that he couldn’t string together two words without practically spitting on people. Not to mention the accent. No one wanted to know a star like Garrett was from a backwater town in the Appalachian Mountains with a 3rd grade education and dubious relations. And, to top it off, he was gay. Holy hell, they sure didn’t want that getting out, not with the caliber of female leads he could get just by looks alone.
But he had to do something as he watched the distress in the man from the corner of his eye. This Gregory Hanson didn’t deserve to be humiliated and financially ruined by Garrett who had more money than God.

As he surreptitiously stole looks at the man, he found himself attracted which was so not going to help the situation. Of course, it wouldn’t go anywhere anyway because his agent would have coronary. 

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