Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Crushing His Walls - New

Joel Beckham hates his sexuality…it lost him his home, his family, his job and his best friend. There was nothing about being gay that was positive for him. He tried the “pretend to be straight” route, which was probably the worst and most disastrous mistake he ever made. His guilt in deceiving the few women he dated ate at him.
Now, two years after his heterosexual debacle, he’s withdrawn and quiet, never letting anyone get close who might stumble across what he so desperately hides. He’s determined to keep to himself and never open up to another person, especially a man. But he didn’t count on Timothy Miller. Didn’t anticipate his reaction to the gorgeous man, a reaction he was unable to control. And it pissed him off!
To make matters worse, there was no way to avoid Timothy no matter how hard Joel tried. They worked together and Joel needed his job. It was the only thing between him and complete despair. Timothy was sweet, stunningly beautiful, funny, bright—and gay. And much to Joel’s irritation, attracted to Joel. He didn’t need this, didn’t want the baggage, and was very tempted just to tell Timothy he wasn’t gay, that he had a girlfriend. But the guilt from his horrendous experiment into hetero land wouldn’t let him lie.

Joel had never been pursued by a man and slowly Timothy was melting the cold, hard ice that was Joel’s heart, cracking the walls that surrounded Joel’s soul. It terrified him. Gay meant pain in Joel’s world. But Timothy just might be able to bring a little light to Joel’s dark life, if he can allow himself to feel again.

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