Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Trapped (Halfway House, Book 1) - New

Banner Stevenson considered himself lucky, getting arrested was probably the best thing that ever happened to him because it got him out from under Daddy G’s ownership…so far anyway. Banner was scared the pimp would come after him, but tried to keep the fear at bay. He’d make the most of what he’d been given at the halfway house.
He was finding it difficult to fit in though, all the other residents ignoring him in favor of their own problems. He could understand, though it made him lonely. Despite being one of Daddy G’s whores, at least he had the other rent boys to converse with, if nothing else. The competition to bring in the most money didn’t bring friendships with it.
What he never thought he’d find was a chance at true happiness. He didn’t figure he’d ever have it, or even deserve it. And if Daddy G ever found him, he would lose it, along with his life. He was white trash, not worthy of love. He was wrong.
Embry Collingsworth had finely been too much for his parents to deal with, between the mental illness that had controlled his life, the violence from his father that no one knew about and the resulting broken mind and soul he struggled to live with, he’d been turned away. Once he turned eighteen, he was on his own and in no way capable of handling it.
On the streets, brutalized again and again, and then arrested for vagrancy, he found himself once more at an institution; only this time there was no family money paying for the luxury he hated before. Here, at this halfway house, he was expected to pull his own weight, help with everything, and knew he would be unable to do it, and be turned away again, only to repeat the cycle.

What he found was someone that chipped at the tight, towering wall that surrounded his psyche and protected him from further hurt. Banner was tenacious and caring and Embry didn’t know what to do with him. He was at a loss as to why the pretty man even noticed him, much less seemed to have deemed himself Embry’s savior. 

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