Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - The Were Man - 810 Word count

Kaynin is a wolf shifter living in the human world. Abandoned or stolen as a baby, he thinks he is one of a kind, until he is kicked out of his home for being gay and runs into trouble, only to be rescued by what appears to be a rough, biker gang.
What Kaynin doesn’t know is that every member of that gang is a wolf shifter as well. Confused and scared, he is unsure how to show gratitude for the gang’s help and yet get away from them. Kaynin never did handle intimidating men well, despite being a natural submissive.
Considered small and weak, he’d been picked on all his life, only to have distress, fear and anxiety shove him head-long into his first shift. Thankfully, the bully was a known liar and no one believed the crazy story of Kaynin turning into a wolf.
If only that one gang member—Malloy—would stop staring at him all the time, looking as if he wanted to eat Kaynin alive. That Kaynin was drawn to the man only made his decision to leave harder. But he couldn’t stay. He didn’t fit in with these huge, course yet stunningly gorgeous and hard men.
Malloy never thought in all the centuries he’d been around that he would finally find a mate. The little shifter was so pretty, so delicate and Malloy really questioned the gods’ choice for him. One hug and Malloy was liable to snap the small man in half. And yet, the mating aura glowed brightly around the younger shifter.
Already he’d been teased and tormented by his pack for being attracted, and encouraged by his alpha to claim the man before one of the others decided to, mate or not. It wasn’t as if any of them could see the aura surrounding the little shifter declaring Kaynin as his. Malloy’s only obstacle was convincing the small were himself that Malloy was the one for him.

Twice, Malloy had already had to retrieve the man from the streets, once when they first found him, and again when Kaynin tried to run. Both times resulted in injuries that made Malloy’s wolf roar in frustration and anger. Malloy’s alpha was right. The only way to keep Kaynin safe was to mate him once and for all.

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