Sunday, September 8, 2013

WIP - The Hacker and the FBI Agent - New

Tito Dilante swore he was being followed. By who, he didn’t know, but it made him nervous. It made his employer even more nervous, For Tito is a hacker, one of the best in the country. He didn’t believe he was doing anything wrong, even if what he did was considered illegal. It was when he was assigned a task that was much further than he’d ever gone that his opinion on the matter changed. But there was no saying “no” to his employer.
What he found was worse than anything he’d ever come across and he wasn’t sure what to do with the information. No way could he turn this over to his employer. Paranoia set in, causing him to hide and eventually—run. But the shadow he felt was still with him. Nowhere did he feel safe. And whoever was following him was getting closer. Tito couldn’t erase the information he found from his mind, even if he were to rid himself of the physical evidence. Now what was he going to do?
Special Agent Trace Hampton was torn between enjoying this surveillance job and annoyed that he was finding himself attracted to the object of his tailing. Tito Dilante, hacker extraordinaire, and a man as cute as Trace had ever seen. Damn.
Trace wasn’t out at work, and his attraction for Tito was not only a complication, but inappropriate. But he couldn’t help his heart speeding up, or his temperature rising whenever he caught sight of the beautiful man. And things got that much more complicated when Tito fled. It took Trace nearly 72 hours to find him again and when he did, he was stunned at the difference in the man. Tito was scared shitless, and Trace wanted to know why…and comfort the man. Holy hell!

Trace finally moved in and caught his quarry, but when he found out what was scaring Tito so bad, things began to spiral into insanity and for the first time, Trace questioned the organization he worked for. Could the FBI really be behind the treason that Tito’s information eluded to? And what was he going to do with that information—and Tito?

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