Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - The Repair Man (Gentle Men, Book 4) - New

Jules Cameron’s business was flagging a little; making him start to panic on whether he could keep up with his bills, and make sure he could keep his daughter. If Mylee’s mother found out his finances were dwindling, she’d be in court faster than he could yell “neglectful mother”. Which only served to piss Jules off since it wasn’t like she actually wanted Mylee. She just wanted to hurt him. Mary became a vindictive and hateful woman after finding out Jules’s orientation. But, thank God, it hadn’t stopped the courts from granting him full custody of his baby daughter.
Things started looking up though, when he won a bid for the old Phelps house off Dunkirk Road. The place was falling apart, and the man who had purchased it wanted renovations done from top to bottom. This would keep Jules busy for months, and line his bank account quite nicely. What else was quite nice, was Adrian Hensel, the man who had purchased the old estate. Not that Jules had time for romance, but dear God, Adrian was stunning, and exactly Jules’s type. Regretfully, Jules was there to work, not flirt, nor start a relationship with a man he didn’t know. He had Mylee to think about.
Adrian Hensel wasn’t sure he was going to be able to handle having the hunky repairman in his house all the time. Just seeing him had Adrian’s heart pounding, something that hadn’t happened since his husband and their baby twins had died in the accident that left Adrian rich—and damaged, both physically and emotionally. He had no business being attracted to Jules. He didn’t even know the guy, and he sure didn’t look gay, not that Adrian had ever had a reliable gaydar. It took Shawn making a move or Adrian would never have been married.
But, no matter how hard he tried to avoid the man and let him get on with the renovations, Adrian was stuck working out what he wanted on the blueprints with the sexy guy. He was being picky, he knew, but every suggestion, every change; every addition was met with a smile and no frustration or anger coming from Jules. Adrian was finding himself becoming more and more comfortable around the man. Dare he say they were becoming friends? It had been nearly five years since he lost his family, but he could use a friend. Loneliness sucked!
What was discerning though, was as time went by, being comfortable around Jules was morphing into something more. And Adrian had no clue what to do about his feelings.

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