Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Last of the Best Men - New

Miller Bryant had been best man in seven weddings from the time he was 18, to now at 32. The entire gang, his college buddies, were now all married. He was the only hold out. But then, his friends didn’t know he was gay and couldn’t get married if he wanted to, at least not in Arizona where they lived.
He couldn’t count the number of times his six best friends had tried to hook him up with one woman or another. None of them understood why he didn’t date, didn’t bring a girl around when they got together, and yet got along with all their wives with ease. Two of his friends, Silas and Mack, jokingly accused him of being better friends with their women than them.
Miller endured the loneliness, mostly to keep his friends. He had no clue what their reaction would be if they found out he preferred men. Silas would most likely turn violent. Mack and Peter would probably just be angry and not speak to him again. He wasn’t sure how Tom and Darren would react. Jules, his closest friend, he thought would be okay with it, since he’d harbored the wish the man was gay, like him. But Jules married Christy and that was that.
What Miller didn’t know, was the each of his friends had secrets, secrets that would change his life. Whether for the better or not was still to be seen.

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