Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Blood, Tears and Landry - New

Landry McGovern wasn’t sure what to think of his boss’s insistence that there was some satanic compound out in the middle of nowhere. His captain was the only one who’d spoken to the mysterious witness. A witness the captain didn’t want anyone talking to, who disappeared shortly after his statement.
There was no evidence other than what the witness claimed to have seen. A statement that made absolutely no sense. Sacrifices? Cult rituals? Furred monsters with razor sharp teeth and long lethal claws? Landry was so skeptical, he almost wished his captain had headed this mission and left him to have a beer at his local club.
Instead, he and his team were out tromping the woods, Landry’s mind wandering to his breakup with Allen and trying not to be angry at his lover’s betrayal. It was the sudden silence that had Landry looking harder for something he was sure didn’t exist.
He was wrong….
Ketch trudged along with the rest of his pack. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Their home infiltrated by a human, and then exposed to the authorities? His alpha killed by a human sharpshooter? And, now? The whole pack moving to a new territory, and that was if they could find one not already occupied by another pack.
And why were they hauling along the one human they’d captured? What was the point? He was half dead as it was. Best to just leave him behind. Ketch’s anger at the human world was overwhelming. They’d destroyed his life, the lives of his pack, killed their alpha, who was his beloved Uncle.
But, his cousin, now the new Alpha wanted to keep the human. Ketch suspected Estefan wanted to make an example of the man…if he lived.

It wasn’t until Estefan got annoyed at Ketch and ordered him to care for the human, that Ketch’s opinion started to change. Not that it made a difference with Estefan determined to destroy the human, plus the dangers and hardships they were suffering in finding a new home. 

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