Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - The Only Way is Up (Halfway House, Book 3) - New

Dix Carter couldn’t believe he was reduced to living in a halfway house with a bunch of delinquents. He was better than this! He did not appreciate the Director, Malcolm Aggitson telling him he needed to learn some humility. Okay, fine he was a bit down on his luck. He hadn’t meant to lose everything on the horses. It was an addiction he couldn’t fight. If he could just get a little cash, he could get back where he was, find another corporate job making six figures. He was a financial genius, for fuck’s sake!
But no one here cared that he used to have a mansion, and a Lamborghini. No one was impressed by his holier-than-thou attitude either. Time after time, he was relegated to the nastiest jobs, the most humiliating chores. That the others had their turns didn’t even register.
He had to find a way out of here. He didn’t belong. The other residents were drug dealers, criminals, whores and homeless trash. He was rich, or he had been. He wasn’t used to all this labor and getting dirty. But no one listened to his whining. For that matter, there was one guy who made a point of telling him to shut the fuck up…all the time and he wasn’t even a resident at the halfway house. That he was attracted to the guy just made things worse.
Anthony Giovanni was heartily sick of Dix Carter’s attitude. It didn’t matter that the guy was stunningly gorgeous because he knew it and was practically narcissistic in his demeanor. Anthony hated people who thought so much of themselves, the ones that thought they were better than everyone else. Those were the kind he liked to break, but Malcolm had told him to be careful around Dix. Why, he wasn’t sure. Possibly Malcolm knew more about how Anthony felt about the man than Anthony thought he was letting on.
But Dix was one of those residents that made things hard for Anthony to be a volunteer at the halfway house. He’d been there, done that. He’d screwed up his life, lost everything—his home, his kid, everything. He’d learned the hard way that being arrogant could cost you, more than you were willing to give.

Someway, he was going to get through to Dix Carter before life broke him. Right now, Dix had fire, was fighting. But that spark could be snuffed out quickly by fate and circumstances. Anthony should know. It took him three years to crawl his way back from despair. Too many times, he almost ended it because the struggle was too much. He didn’t want that for Dix.

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