Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Clouds of Discovery - New

Rao Firestine never really thought of his job as dangerous. Who ever heard of crime in the 23rd Century? But the attempt on his life was real, and Rao was encouraged to take it seriously by ESF. But as the Weather Master for the northern American continent, he couldn’t abandon his post. No one else was capable of handling the complex ecosystem that sustained the Americas. EFS, Earth Security Forces, was just going to have to understand that.
Much to Rao’s annoyance, EFS decided he needed a round the clock surveillance and protection team—well, a team made up of one person. It didn’t help that, physically, they were quite compatible. Rao’s bio-alert had gone off twice since meeting the agent and he’d been humiliated as the FR’s arrived to check him. Nothing like being sexually aroused and having First Responders questioning you, in front of the object of your desire.
It also irked Rao that the agent’s bio-alert remained irritatingly silent. But, he was an EFS agent. Rumors would have you believe they were almost…inhuman. Elite forces that were the reason crime had been wiped out decades ago. Rao knew he was in very good hands, professionally speaking. He just wondered if he’d be in good hands, personally.
Earth Security Forces Special Agent Havan Kastine didn’t feel an ounce of guilt for manipulating his bio-alert when it started vibrating as Weather Master Rao entered the room. He couldn’t have the man distracted even if they were both aware they were compatible. Did Havan want to pursue the flawless man? Yes, but he would wait until the danger to the Master was eliminated. Havan was as shocked as the rest of EFS to learn there had been a murder attempt, much less on a Weather Master.
Like his superiors, he wondered what someone thought they would gain by killing Rao and throwing the entire northern Americas into chaos. Chaos that would destroy crops, causing the starvation of the food animals, which in turn would wipe out mankind in that region. It was forbidden for regions to move product between each territory, 

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