Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Untitled Vedmak story - New

Kievan Dusan is half Vucari and half Vedmak with the gifts of both living in the modern world. A world he understood little of.
Thrust into the 21st Century by an ancient curse, those that found him called him Witcher. Kievan remained silent about his other half, not knowing how these strangers would react to having a Vucari amongst them, and possibly persecute him as they did in his time.
They were kind but wary, and once they aided him, sent him on his way. He found himself in a city, the wonders keeping him in awe. But the cruelty in which the humans treated each other was tragic and more than Kievan could bear. Kievan didn’t stay. He couldn’t as he absorbed the pain of those around him. Besides, he couldn’t become his Vucari self in all this concrete and glass.
He soon found himself among a pack of Shifters, blood brethren to his Vucari. Again, he remained silent, not wanting to reveal either of his halves. They welcomed him, as if they sensed his kinship, though they did not push for any explanation.
It was after several years with the pack calling themselves Olen that Kievan started to relax his vigilance. It was a mistake. Practicing his magic away from prying eyes was vital. But he’d not been diligent and was now worried that young Stepan would reveal his secret. When he confronted the shifter, he realized, Stepan would never betray him—for Stepan was in love with him.
Kievan’s heart sank, for a Vedmak was forbidden to take a mate. But Kievan’s Vucari was insistent that Stepan was his. The war within himself was tearing him apart and wreaking havoc with his power, and his feelings for Stepan only made things worse. Kievan’s only solution was to leave. Which meant leaving Stepan behind.

He only hoped that Stepan would understand in time and forgive him, and that Kievan’s own heart would heal. What he didn’t count on was what Stepan would do.

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